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Education in Japan

By Guidable Writers Mar 17, 2016

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Many of us will be dreaming to study abroad. It’s a dream of students to work in countries like US, Japan, Germany where students are exposed to cutting edge technology. There are millions of students who apply to foreign universities for their higher studies. It may be for bachelor or master or for their doctoral degree or for some language course. There are various numbers of scholarships available for students to do their research in these developed countries.


Why Japan

Japan has an excellent academic environment that allows students to be innovative, creative and think independently. Japan has its own remark in the field of science. Japan is known for its hard working people. People here work for long time and the effect has made this country to recognize in a world level. The “Made in JAPAN” product is what people across the world look for. That is the quality Japan has maintained in its product. So it’s a dream many students to work in a land where Nobel (The highest award for a scientist) was given to more than 20 renowned scientists. Even after being small in size its contribution in the field of science or technology is remarkable. So students really want to work in Japan to get their degree and make a better carrier out of it. Students from many country dream to work in Japan.



(Reference: MEXT website)

Japan Scholarships

Japan provides huge number of fellowships for students across world. The most famous is MEXT (Monbukagakusho scholarship). There are two ways of applying this fellowship. One is directly contacting Professor and applying with the help of him. Second way of application though Japan Embassy in our country. In both the cases we need to apply with filling up of some forms and then going through some screening process. For details-


Benefits of MEXT Scholarships

School Fees:

Fees for the entrance examination, matriculation and tuition at universities will be paid by the Japanese Government.


Each successful candidate will be provided monthly with 145,000 yen for doctoral student, 144,000 yen for master student. The amount of allowance will be subject to change depending upon the annual budget for each year.

Transportation to Japan:

Candidate will be supplied generally with an economy-class airplane ticket from the international airport nearest to his/her place of residence to the international airport that the assigned university usually uses.

Transportation from Japan:

The student who returns to his/her home country within the fixed period after the expiration of his/her scholarship will be supplied with an economy-class airplane ticket for the travel to the international airport nearest to his/her home address.



Global 30 Project is a new project in which the best universities in Japan are now offering degree programs in English. By doing this, these universities have broken down the language barrier which was one of the obstacles preventing international students from studying in Japan. A range of courses in a number of fields are offered in English at the universities under the “Global 30” Project. The prestigious universities like University of Tokyo (Asias best university), Kyoto University, Nagoya University, Osaka University are involved in this project. For more details go through this link-