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Facts you need to know about the “My Number System”

By Guidable Writers Jun 7, 2017

 What is My Number System?

The new Japanese ‘My Number’ (マイナンバー) system is officially running. All people who are now living in Japan, including all the foreigners, have been issued with their own 12 digits identification number. Once you have received your notification, your number can then be used to create a MyNumber Card.


So why did the government initiated this My Number system? The main objective of this system is to streamline and unify administrative procedures among government agencies for things such as taxation and social security, making life easier for both bureaucrats and the general public. Another goal is to aid in the prevention of crimes such as tax evasion and wrongful receipt of welfare benefits. However, there is much concern that has been raised towards this My Number system lately. There are many people who are concerned with the new system, mainly because of issues such as basic privacy and security of their personal information.


As your individual ‘My number’ contains your name, address, date of birth, sex, and ID photograph, the My Number can be used as a form of personal identification for a wide range of purposes. However, your code itself cannot be used as a form of identification. Even though the card may be used as a form of identification, but the number itself cannot be used as a form of identification.

Why does the workplace require workers to hand in their My Number?

When you apply for work either full-time or  part-time work, your boss may often require you to hand in you’re My Number. It is because the employer needs to know the My Number details in order to enter the information of the salary, retirement allowance, and seek qualification for employees’ pension insurance, health insurance and third insured person of the National Pension. Your employer may probably need the My Number when they need to inform the tax office about their employees’ salary and such.


Is it Safe to give your My Number to your employer?

When you apply for work or part time work, your boss may often require you to hand in you’re My Number information. You might feel anxious about what happens when someone stole your data. You do not need to worry because My number only includes access to small range of information that have been set by the law; according to the general rule, highly specific personal data cannot be accessed. Members of staff at firms who handle My Number are charged with taking appropriate management measures to prevent leaking of information. Such personnel can receive instruction and advice from the independent information protection committee.Personnel who share information from My Number files without adequate reason can by punished under the law. The Cabinet Secretariat of the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan states that “strict identification mechanisms will be employed to prevent impostors or fraud people from using other’s Individual Numbers, and imposes strict measures to protect personal information. This will be in place within the information management and sharing among organizations that possess Individual Numbers.” Also, the “electronic certificate issued by the Public Certification Service for Individuals is a means of personal identification that is used to prevent identity theft and data falsification when submitting online applications or notifications via the Internet.” Furthermore, the Cabinet Office intends for companies and organization to treat a person’s individual number with respect, stating that it “may not be used for any purpose that is outside the scope of procedures for social security administration, taxation, and disaster response that is established in laws and ordinances.”