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Free Seminar: Introduction to the Way to Buy Your Dream Home and Sell Property in Japan!

By Guidable Writers Jun 24, 2019

Recently Japan is becoming one of the most attractive travel destinations for many foreign travelers, but do you know that Japanese real estate is also advantageous for foreigners?

There are a lot of foreigners who have decided to live in Japan after being fascinated by the beauty of Japan and Japanese food culture.

We also believe that by living in Japan you can feel the nature and culture of Japan even more than before.



However, buying real estate in Japan is harder than you think. You may have a lot of issues and questions, for example:

●The procedure of buying a house in Japan
●The taxation system related to real estate and how it affects personal revenue
●How foreigners can make money to purchase real estate
●Government grants for real estate purchase
●Price negotiation
●The effect of tax reform starting from 2019/10
●Other points to be careful of when purchasing real estate



This information is often only disclosed in Japanese and this makes foreigners reluctant to purchase real estate.


LINC Inc. and Guidable Inc. will hold a joint seminar for those who are thinking of purchasing real estate in Japan.


This seminar targets foreigners so the seminar is in English. Therefore you have the opportunity to ask questions at ease.


Seminar Information:

●Saturday 6th July, 2 pm-4 pm
Location: DG22 building 7F, 1-3-18, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Admission: Free!

Shinichi Kawamura
LINC Inc., Chief Executive Officer


The seminar will be based on the following topics:
-How to buy a home with 100% loan
-the process of buying a home
-how to get financing as a foreigner
-what to look for when doing a property
-How to negotiate the purchase price
-Tax benefits and tax deductions
-Government subsidies to help with a home purchase


Reservations for the seminar are required. Since this is a free seminar, we expect a lot of participants. The number of places is limited so we recommend you to get your application in quickly. Seats will sell out on a first-come-first-served basis! Based on our past experience, places will fill up fast.


If you are interested, please register here: 


We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!!



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