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Yuucho: How to Register For Japan Post Bank Online(Part I)

By Tony Tao Jan 20, 2021

Currently, most banks in Japan have Internet Banking, also known as online banking, to optimize transaction processes through the user’s bank account. Yuucho is one of the pioneers to deploy this service. Moreover, the number of Yuucho bank users account for 78.3% of the whole country in Japan.

Yuucho Internet banking is very affordable in terms of service charges. Register Yuucho Internet Banking as easy as other app services. Yuucho requires additional validation measures and sends a code to your mailbox. After verification, you will enjoy an ease of service, and often the amount of time you need to go to the Yuucho ATM is zero!

Japan Post Bank Registration Step 1: 

Prepare your Yuucho bankbook and cash card!

We recommend you register on your laptop or PC. You will also need to prepare your cash card and bankbook. If you are ready to register Yuucho Internet Banking, please click HERE and select [ ログイン ] for a procedure that will take approximately 20 – 30 minutes.

Step 2: 

Select “Yuucho Direct” [ ゆうちょダイレクトのお申し込み (無料) ]

Step 3: 

Scroll down and select the green button  [ お手続きはこちら ] to register Yuucho Direct via the website. 

Step 4: 

Scroll down and select the light green button [ 新規登録に進む ] – Proceed to new registration.

Step 5: Fill in Yuucho Direct Form With Your Information

1. Yuucho card number

2. Your name in katakana without spaces (written on your Yuucho card).

3. Date of birth

4. Mobile phone number

5. Enter registration email to receive OTP later

6. Confirm your email

7. Fill in the amount of money you would like make a transaction of (unit thousand of Yen)

8. Select [次へ] to go to the next step.

Step 6: Fill in Yuucho ATM Card Information

1. Enter your 4 digit Yuucho ATM Card number.

2. Fill in the amount of money in the Yuucho bank account, identical to the Yuucho bankbook. 

Note: The account balance required by the system is the number printed in your Yuucho book’s bottom line (no need to update), not the current balance. If you have lost the book, you can enter 0. 

Select [ 次へ ] to go to the next step.

Step 7: 

If the Yuucho Direct account’s information is correct, select [ 次へ ] to go to the next step.

Step 8: Confirm Mail Address 

Your address needs to be the same as the one registered in your Yuucho account. 

If the current address is different from the one shown on the screen by the system, you need to stop the registration. We recommend you go to the post office to change the address. You can also register for the Internet banking service at the post office.

Step 9: Confirm Email Address for Yuucho Direct OTP

This email will be used to notify you each time you make a new Yuucho Direct transaction. You can update your email by selecting the gray Button or by selecting the green button [ 次へ ] to get an OTP via email. 

Step 10: Verify Yuucho Direct OTP

Open your email box and find the 6 digit number, fill in the box and select [ 次へ ] to go further.

Step 11: Set Your Own Password

Create a powerful password for your Yuucho Direct account. Note that this password will be used every time you log in -> Select [ 実行する ] -> [ はい ] on popup screen to have your account login number.

Step 12:

This step shows your account information such as customer number and policies. You can skip by clicking [ 画像と合言葉の登録に進む ] -> [ 次へ ] for further steps.

Step 13: 2 Step Verification

This is the 2 Step Verification to prevent hacking, or in case you need to change/renew your password. You should choose simple/easy to remember questions. After answering, select [ 登録内容の確認 ] -> [ はい ] 

Step 14: Confirm 2 Step Verification Methods

This step is to confirm the verification methods applied to your account, select [ 画像と合言葉の登録 ] -> [ はい ] -> [ 次へ ] for the next step.

Step 15: Final Step for Registering with Japan Post Bank, Yuucho Direct

Please note that this is just the final step of registering for a Yuucho Direct account. You need to wait a few days to get a PIN to confirm your account via your registered mailbox. 

Check out Part II when you receive the letter of verification from Yuucho!