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[Jin’s adventure in Japan~Chinese student eye~2] My college life

By Guidable Writers Feb 13, 2017

Everyone has different feelings about the college life. University life is one of the best times of my life. We have not learning pressure, and we also need not to worry about the pressure of life after graduation. In four years, I have a lot of feelings. But whether the feelings are happy or sad, there are the most precious memories in my life.


I have two years of university life experience in China, and than, I became a foreign student in Japan. For me, the University has witnessed my growth. Whatever in China or in Japan, both of the university lifes have left me a deep impression.


I always feel that college life should be carefree and happy. I could arrange my spare time. But later, I realized that the reality is very cruel. If you want to master a foreign language, it is more difficult than your imagined. I have to spend more time to review grammar and memorize words in addition to class. Sometimes, I am envious of these students who are not choice to study a foreign language. They have free time to play with their friends, but I just stay in the library to learn about Japanese. Until my study abroad application to be passed, I realized that all my efforts to were worth about it. The college life in China let me understand the importance of effort and struggle.


I feel that my college life in Japan is busy and substantial. I am not only learning knowledge in the classroom, but also working to raise my living expenses. Sometimes I join to circle activities, and sometimes I go to the party with my friends. Sometimes I also to be a volunteer. For me, one of the most impressive is became a volunteer in Hachioji festival. This was my first time to participate in volunteer activities, And it was also my first time to participate in the cultural festival in Japan. I was do happy to join Hachioji festival with Japanese. And this time I learn about Japanese culture more than before. I think the fastest way to help me adapt to life in Japan is arbeit. Arbeit is not only to improve my Japanese ability, but also let my understand of the responsibility about the society in Japan.


I’m going to graduate soon. Although my university life is drawing to a close, but I will not forget about these precious memories. It will always stay in my heart.