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Manage 4 Ingredients with Official Recipe Book

By Guidable Writers Apr 22, 2017

Do you want to try Japanese cooking?

Since you are in Japan now, have you ever thought of doing some Japanese cooking? If so, you might have already bought a Japanese cookbook. However, do you know how to use it? If you feel quite difficult to do, I recommend you to buy the official recipe books which were released by several food companies. They offer easy, healthy, and tasty recipes. Here are 4 ingredients which often appear in those recipe books. Just start your Japanese cooking by using them!

1. Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt

The Meiji’s recipe book has its cover designed just like the package of its famous Bulgaria Yogurt, so you may find it easily in a bookstore. Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt is the first sugar-free plain yogurt in Japan and the book includes 103 recipes, which using the yogurt as one of the ingredients. Imagine making spaghetti, curry and meat dish with yogurt! Since yogurt is said to contribute to a long life and beauty, why not give it a try?




2. Nagatanien Ochazukenori

Ochazuke is one of the soul food for Japanese people. Because it is easy to eat and gentle to the stomach, many Japanese people think it is a good food and eat it every day. As one of its typical goods, Nagatanien has been selling the ochazuke for over 60 years. Now the company has published its recipe book to celebrate the anniversary. The book includes various of dishes, like appetizer, main dish, and dessert which you can make a full-course meal all with ochazuke!



3. S&B Canned Curry Powder

If you like curry and often go to grocery store, you must have seen this red can once before. S&B’s canned curry powder, also known as “Akakan (red can)”, has been sold with the same taste and package since 1950. The company also released a recipe book in which all the recipes were introduced by S&B employees who know everything about the curry powder. And besides curry, the book also offers other Japanese dishes which has curry flavor, like kinpira (chopped burdock root), Udon, etc. Let’s enjoy the magical taste of curry!


4. Kewpie Mayonnaise

Many Japanese people also like mayonnaise. You might feel Japanese mayonnaise tastes quite different from those of other countries, but I still strongly recommend you to have a taste of this bestselling mayonnaise in Japan. And it is also available at supermarkets in other countries. Kewpie has already offered several recipes with its mayonnaise on its official website. However, the recipe book it released includes 76 more recipes, even including a snack which goes well with alcohol. If you like mayonnaise, don’t miss this recipe book!