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When in Japan, Pay Attention to Heavy Rain and Landslides

By Guidable Writers Jul 24, 2016

Landslides cause of “Guerrilla Rainstorms”

In Japan, there is a possibility of heavy rain the whole year. However, people need to pay more attention to it from June to September. Even though rainy season is over in the middle of July, there is still a chance of heavy rain which is called “guerrilla rainstorms”. It really generates like guerrilla because Japanese summer is extremely hot and humid. The rainy weather usually tends to increase in the end of August and it is still fresh in our memory that 2014 Hiroshima landslides which over 70 people is dead was also struck in the end of August. Though people want to believe that they live in safe place, you need to be ready for evacuation.


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You Need to Know Where the Evacuation Area Is

First of all, you need to know the evacuation area near your place. Basically it could be a school, assembly hall, etc. which is appointed by your address. You may also stay with your friends or acquaintances’ place who live in a safer place. If you live with your family or friends, you have to share the information with them.


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Receive Emergency Alerts

The government distributes emergency alert to your cell phone and smartphone. It e-mails you when earthquake will hit with evacuation preparation information, advisory, and order is issued in your town. The ringtone is always automatically set to maximum volume though your phone is set to vibe or muted when you accept the alerts. Some people turn it off because the alerts likely distribute anytime and they think it is too loud to remind especially at night. However, it is unpredictable when natural disasters strike your town and you had better receive the alerts just in case. Municipalities are now trying to issue these alerts more often to save more people.


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Keep in Stock at Home / Office

Do you keep in stocks of goods at home? It will be too late after the disaster strucked. Especially batteries and bottled water are immediately consumed from stores when East Japan quake in 2011. You need to get them and be ready for evacuation. The list below is issued by NHK and PDF version is available at www.nhk.or.jp/sonae/goods/ (Japanese only). The list has three patterns; at home, when you going out, and at office. You print them out, then put your refrigerator, cupboard etc. or it is also good for iron print to make your original emergency bag. Don’t forget to check their expiration date and occasionally renew your stock as much as possible.


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