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5 Must-Buys of Loft

By Guidable Writers Jun 21, 2017

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Speaking of the must-buy shopping list in Japan, besides those Japanese cosmetics and skincare products, you may not forget those ingenious-designed and well-made stationeries, and most of them are original items that can only be purchased in Japan. As the largest everyday commodity chain store in Japan, LoFt is listed as one of the must-go spots for stationery lovers.

In fact, LoFt not only sells stationeries but also a variety of interesting daily supplies and groceries. Here I selected 5 of them and would like to introduce them to you!

Washi Tape

If you have the habit of keeping a schedule book, you might not be strange to the washi tapes. And now an increasing amount of people are starting to collect washi tapes. LoFt provides almost a full line of washi tape products with a rather high updating speed, so you might find new products each time you visit there. This year, the sakura petal washi tape which released by “bande” has been sold out for times due to its DIY trait and beautiful design.

Price in Japan: ¥400~/roll

La.VIE Massage Ball

Whether you are a computer addict or a smartphone addict, you are often suffering from a stiff shoulder or a backache, aren’t you? This LoFt limited health product might deliver you from the pain! It has the size of two abreast tennis balls, and the hardness is also close to a tennis ball. You may put it wherever you want to release the muscle stiffness. Then, just roll it against floors or walls, you may soon get an “up to heaven” massage experience! Besides, the price is quite cheap. Don’t forget to pick one when shopping in LoFt!

Price in Japan: ¥972

Umbrella Stand

Have you ever seen such a cute umbrella stand? Since all the apartments in Japan are built with an entrance hall, Japanese are used to placing a decorative umbrella stand near the door. LoFt offers a wide range of choices for such funny umbrella stands, don’t miss bringing one home!

Price in Japan: ¥3888


Schedule Book

Perhaps there are no other countries, except for Japan, can have so many types of schedule books. And you may find most of the brands in LoFt. And here I would like to particularly recommend the schedule books of Hobonichi. Whether you want to mark your plans or record your life according to a month, a week and a day, you may always find a suitable schedule book for yourself. What’s more, the covers of the schedule books are sold separately, which means you only need to change the inner pages every year!

Price in Japan: ¥1200~/per book

Fuchiko, the girl sitting on the cup

The girl who is sitting on the margin of the glass is named Fuchiko. It is a capsule toy created by Kitan Club and the cartoonist Tanaka Katsuki. It is also one of LoFt’s limited products. As for girls who are choosing a suitable and funny Japanese-style souvenir for her boyfriend/husband, I think Fuchiko might be a good choice. Look at Fuchiko’s postures, well, I’m sure the boys will get the point…

Price in Japan: ¥300~