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Don’t hesitate to get a haircut in Japan

By Guidable Writers Apr 19, 2017

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Don’t you get a bit nervous when you go to a hair salon in a foreign country? No matter whether you are male or female, a haircut in an unfamiliar place could be a big concern for you. For the first time when I went to a hair salon overseas, I got panicked because I couldn’t convert centimeters to inches. As a result, my hair style became awful. For a while, everyone laughed at me whenever they saw me. Anyway, in your case, don’t worry about it too much. You might want to get a haircut if you read this article.

There are tons of interesting services provided by hair salons in Japan. For example, staffs at salons massage customers on the way of cutting. In summer, some barbers start “hiyashi-shampoo” which is shampoo service with cool water, menthol, or crashed ice cubes. Customers can feel fresh and cool by receiving such services. It is becoming popular in Japan.

Other than that, today, I strongly recommend trying a ¥1000 haircut, especially for men. It costs only ¥1000 to get a haircut! So Cheap! And more, the staffs at ¥1000 haircuts complete all their job within 10 minutes. So Quick! It is amazingly efficient for busy businessmen! More surprisingly, they never use water. I mean, at the end of the haircut, they clean your head with their vacuum clear called “air washer” to clean your loose hair off. A whole set of the system is arranged compactly like a capsule hotel. It is worth to visiting these chain salons.

However, these services are too rough for elegant ladies. Then, I am thinking that women might take another way by using an online haircut searching site. One of the sites called “Hotpepper beauty” provides tons of information about hair salons all over Japan including your area. You can search your favorite salon and pick the service which you need, like shampoo, haircut, perm, dye, treatment and so on. You can also make a reservation on the internet. And more, in many cases, the price is set extremely reasonable for the online-booking visitors, which is sometimes 30%-40% discount. In a case when you feel challenging to explain what hair style you want to get, don’t forget to bring the celebrity photo image with you. All you need to do is just to show the photo to a staff member.   

It is important for you to enjoy such special haircut systems in Japan.

Don’t be anxious! Just give it a try!