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Enjoy Japanese Autumn Food

By Guidable Writers Oct 8, 2016

Do you have seasonal food in your home country? As you know we have four seasons in Japan and we can enjoy many varieties of food during each season. Now many people are so exhausted from the intense sunlight and hot weather and humidity during the summertime. Some of them might have a sick or tired stomach because of eating so much ice cream, drinking beer or consuming other cold drinks during the summertime. Let your stomach and body rest with delicious Japanese autumn gourmet!


  1. Pacific Saury (さんま、秋刀魚)

Pacific Saury is a shiny sword shaped fish eaten by many people in Japan. We can see this fish sold in supermarket during the autumn season. We usually grill it with salt and can easily cook it in our house. But it will leave a lot of oil on your grill, not to mention the strong smell. It’s very delicious, but if you live in a smaller place or don’t want to make the grill dirty and smelly, I recommend buying the cooked one or eating it at restaurant. It’s more delicious with grated radishes and soy sauce.

  1. Chestnuts (栗)

Although this food can’t be a main supper dish, it adds a much richer taste to food. We often see delicious Mont Blanc in sweets shop, but in Japan we cook it with rice (栗ごはん). The slight sweet smell and taste of chestnuts mixed with Japanese rice tastes very delicious! In addition, chestnuts will help your stomach and improve your blood flow. There are so many good reasons to eat it!


  1. Sweet Potatoes (サツマイモ)

This is also a representative autumn gourmet in Japan! Especially, baked sweet potatoes (やきいも) are so sweet and delicious during the colder and shorter autumn days in Japan. It warms our body and fills our mouths with gentle sweetness and happiness????.  This is a very simple way to prepare it, and it’s definitely the most popular way to be eaten.


  1. Persimmon (柿)

Many Japanese think about this fruits when the autumn comes. We can see Persimmon trees so often in Japan. It’s a very popular fruit among Japanese. To make matters better, it’s very rich in vitamin C which is great for woman. Dried persimmon is also popular and eaten often during the autumn.


I hope you enjoy autumn food in Japan, and heal your body during the long autumn nights!