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Great Ramen Restaurant Torashin in Yamagata City

By Guidable Writers Jul 29, 2016

What is your favorite Japanese food?

If you are a big fan of Ramen, you should definitely visit Torashin in Yamagata city, Yamagata.

It is said that Yamagata prefecture has the best volume of consumption of Ramen in Japan, so local residents LOVE Ramen and that is why there are many good Ramen restaurants there. In this article, I would love to introduce one of best places to eat Ramen in Yamagata city. The name of the restaurant is Torashin!


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Torashin was started in 2007. You must enjoy the juicy and tasty roasted pork in the Ramen. This is because the owner used to work at the butcher department in a supermarket. So he chooses good quality meats made in Japan for the Ramen. As you can imagine, thanks to the pork, you can enjoy the Ramen soup too. 

You can order Chashu-men(ramen soup topped with slices of roasted pork), Karamiso(Spicy Miso) ramen, Karamiso, Chashu-men, Shio(Salt) ramen(Only for lunch time), and Shoyu(Soy sauce taste) ramen, and Tsukemen(Dipping noodles) at this restaurant.

Besides, there are also dumplings and small beef bowls. If you love Chashu(roasted pork) very much, I recommend you try the Chashu-men! You may be surprised at the amount of pork. If you would like to try other ramen, I recommend Karamiso ramen. You can adjust how much spice by melting the spicy miso by yourself since it is in a different dish. I cannot eat very spicy food, but I usually melt about half of the spicy miso.

Torashin is loved by local residents and many fans of Ramen from all over Japan. You may see long lines in front of the restaurant. So it is better for you to visit there little earlier. For example, if you are going there at lunch time, you should go there around 11am or little after lunch time such as 1:30pm will be better to visit. However, the restaurant will close if they run out of the soup, so you should be careful of the time! You usually have to wait to enter this restaurant because there are only 22 seats inside. I normally wait for my order about 15 minutes before entering inside. It will be very busy on the weekend so if you have time, it is good to visit there during weekdays.

If you are a big fan of Ramen, how about coming to Ramen Prefecture, Yamagata and stopping by this restaurant, Torashin? I am sure you will enjoy the amazing taste!



Call: 023-646-5439

Address: 2-16-9, Akanegaoka, Yamagata city, Yamagata, Japan

Closest station: Yamagata station (Torashin is 1799 m away from the station. So it takes about 10 minutes by car from Yamagata.)

Parking: There are spaces for about 8 cars.

Lunch time: 11am to 2:30pm (¥1000)

Dinner time: 5:30pm to 9pm (¥1000)

Closed: Monday

*You can’t use credit card in the restaurant, so please bring cash when you visit.*