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Guidable Japan Wi-fi Services

By Guidable Writers Jul 21, 2016

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<What would you feel inconvenience traveling in Japan?>

The Internet could be the most chosen answer for travelers coming to Japan.

If you would like to travel around with having the internet, you might need to even make an order in your country or when arrived in Japan at the airport, or find the internet on the streets.

Once you consider getting the internet or wi-fi after coming to Japan, it will be really tough.
Hard to find a place and take use of Japanese language to buy and extremely expensive to buy…

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<Guidable×Wi-fi will solve your most important problem>

Not only having Wi-fi portable router for a rent, but you can use Guidable services anytime. You can make no matter how many questions you want during using Guidable Wi-fi.

Since the information to acquire is limited for non-Japanese speaking people when they try to get further resources traveling in Japan, using the internet anywhere and ask Guidable anytime could be a huge help for you.


<The price to use Guidable×Wi-fi>


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Daily Use: 540 Yen/day

Weekly Use: 3240 Yen/week

Monthly Use: 10800 Yen/month

*Tax is included (8% in Japan)


※Important notice
・The shipping fee is not included. (Cost: 1080 yen)
・Please send the package before 17:00 otherwise extra Daily Charge (¥524) would cost.

Example of renting Guidable Wi-fi
・Guidable Wi-fi rent is “August 10th to August 16th” = 6 days
Total renting date is 6 days and shipping fee
The cost: 4320 yen


<How to get Guidable wifi>

[Before coming to Japan]
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1.  Registration

Send your request before you come to Japan
※Please carefully check the term of use

2. Payment

Pay your total amount by your credit card

3. Enjoy your flight coming to Japan


[After arriving in Japan]

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1. Pick up your Wi-fi at your hotel and Connect into the internet

※Please tell us your “Hotel name”, “Address&Room” and “Arrival Time at Hotel” 3 days before you come to Japan.

2. Download Guidable and Start connecting with us

3. Enjoy your stays in Japan


※How to Download Guidable or to Use?

Download Guidable:

How to use Guidable Q&A:


[When to leave Japan]

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1. Send back the Wi-fi portable router by mail.

※ Please be careful about following things
– Use attached envelop/case and put Guidable wi-fi into it.
– Do not loose the set of Wi-fi (Router, Charger and Cable)