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How to Choose Moving Company? Things to Consider When You Move

By Guidable Writers Mar 2, 2017

Between February and March, it is a high season for the moving industry in Japan since fiscal year starts and many people start a new life in another city such as going to University away from hometown, joining a company, transferring a job out of Japan etc…There are many moving companies, more than 200, in Japan. Here are some options when you choose a moving company.

Usual steps to choose the company

  1. Get quotations from companies and compare the cost. The cost varies depending on the distance and the items that you have to move.
  2. The moving company is usually visiting your house to check the items and then give you a final quotation. You can choose the option to pack it yourself or to be done by the company’s staff.


Single Pack Moving

If you are alone and do not have much furniture and stuff to bring to a new home, you can use this option. Basically, you need to pack your stuff by yourself and should be fitted within the size of the container or truck that the company provides. They also offer for specialized cardboards for an additional cost. If you book it online and the day of moving is during weekdays, you might get a bit discount. It is very convenient because it is not necessary to show the moving company to your items in advance; you need to make sure all your stuff can be fitted into the container, but in the case of failure you can still get a slightly bigger one or order one more container on the day of moving. See more details; Kuroneko (


Moving within the same city…

If you are moving within the same city, for example, within 20km, then this would be the option. You can hire the truck for two hours, one way, and one driver during weekdays from about $100. The cost varies depending on which city you live in and your requested hours as well. It seems the only Japanese site available…but in case you may be interested in, see this company’s website: an about (


International Move

If you are going outside of Japan, moving companies such as Nittsu (Nippon express) and Yamato would be listed moving company for this purpose because they usually have a specialized service to help you for customs clearance and deliver to your door. See here for the details;

1) Nippon Express (,

2) Yamato Transport (,

The alternative option would be a Japanese postal service which offers Airmail or SAL (Surface Air Lifted). See the detail:

If you look at it carefully, there are many more options for moving companies!


Things to consider when you move

1) Bringing Bicycle – If you are a cyclist and/or love to take your bicycle with you, you may need to consider the cost. It usually costs a lot, but it is possible, of course.

2) Recycling shop – there might better considering to sell your furniture and electrical appliances to the recycling and second-hand shop in order to be lighter on your items and reduce the cost of the moving. In the new place, you get new items if you can afford.

Yuko Murakami