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How to Master Japanese Convenient Stores

By Guidable Writers Jul 5, 2016

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Do You Frequent CVS?

There are bunch of convenience stores location across Japan. The 1st CVS in Japan was opened in 1962 in Gifu Pref. However, the beginning of full-scale operation could be the 1st Japanese 7-Eleven’s open in Toyosu, Tokyo. Because it has been operating for over 40 years, there is still role model of CVS.


(Reference: Nikkei Biz Academy)


Japanese CVS is Totally Different

Even though it was originally from the U.S., CVS is developing with customers’ needs here in Japan. At first, Japanese 7-eleven stores were operated in American style and there used to have soda fountain, hand dip ice cream, etc. On the other hand, they introduced their original musubis and bentos, and both of them became as soon as popular. Then they gradually changed their variety of products and finally developed their private-label products which is as cheap as supermarkets. As of now, other CVS chains also have their private-label from foods to dairy necessaries. Japanese CVS chains also have helpful services like ATMs, multi-functioned copy machines, acceptance of mail and home delivery service for 24 hours. Therefore, kiosk and hospital shop have been replacing with CVS nowadays.


(Reference: Lawson Okinawa)


Brewed Coffee and Donuts – the Hottest CVS Feast

Japanese CVS is well known for the variety of original food. The best known could be oden and Chinese bun in winter, however, the hottest one could be CVS coffee. Each chain has its original blend and much cheaper than other café or coffee shop. Of course they introduced reasonable donuts and pastries which go well with coffee. It is said that some donuts shop decreases its locations because of CVS coffee and donuts. You might also think coffee served at coffee shop is quite overpriced because CVS coffee’s cost starts only 100 yen. When you are in a hurry or driving, CVS coffee might be the best way to take a break.


(Reference: Walkerplus)


More Services

Japanese CVS is always trying to enhance convenience for customers. For example, you can pay your utility bills art any CVS if you have payment handling foams which is the barcode is printed. You may also pay it at the bank, however, you might be kept waiting at the bank window for long time. Whenever you use this service at the CVS, you can proceed with the payment processes, and online shopping or mail order same, too. Not to mention, you can pick up your parcels there instead of being delivered to your place. It is especially good for women who are lived by themselves because It also considers personal privacy. Of course there are more special features of Japanese CVS. Frequent the CVS near your place or office, and master their features to be more convenience.


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