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PC repair in Tokyo

By Guidable Writers Jan 14, 2016

Among the people who are studying, doing business, living, one of the most question was “ how to solve PC problem ”. i.e. where they can bring broken PC to be fixed.


Large electronic stores hardly take broken PC for repairing unless the product is bought at there.


So this time, I will introduce where you can bring and fix your PC in Tokyo.


■Apple Mac

It is strongly recommendable to go to apple store.

There are 3 apple stores in Tokyo.


・Apple store GINZA


apple store 銀座

 (Reference : Apple )

Getting out from Ginza station by A13 exit, then you can find apple store the other side of road.

There are 10 languages supports; Japanese, Chinese (2 types), Thai, Korean, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and English.

・Apple store Shibuya


apple store 渋谷(Reference : Apple)


Hachiko exit is the closest from JR Shibuya station.

Going through the pedestrian scramble, take a left at the corner where you can find “OICITY”. It takes only 4mins to get Apple store from Shibuya station.

There is always English speaking staff.


渋谷 apple store



・Apple store Omotesando

apple store 表参道

(Reference : Apple)

It is literary in the Omotesando street.

From JR Harajuku station, walking towards Omotesando hills first, then you can find apple store just beyond the Omotesando hills.

From Metro Omotesando station, you can find apple store right after entering Omotesando.

There is always English speaking staff.

(※Formally, Omotesando is name of the street, not place. Means “Road leading to shrine”.)




If you have PC other than Mac, then you better to go to either

・place where you bought

・original PC company in Japan


If you are using DELL, HP, then there are Japanese branch office.

However you are better to contact them on line to get what your next action is.








Other than those, you better to have alternative. There is company which visit your place and check or consultancy your troubled PC.


・Japan Aid -PC rescue 99-


・Tokyo Foreign Support




Cost is quite high but not less than never knew it.