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Photograph Your Memories: Meet This Japanese Photographer Capturing the Lives of International Residents in Japan

By Alex Gray Mar 11, 2022

Taking photographs during your time in Japan can be one of the best ways to save your precious memories. When you look back at your photos, you can remember the exact moment, the feelings and sensations of when the photograph was taken. It’s the perfect way to record your life. But looking for professional photographers takes time, and is expensive. Plus how do you know if the photographer you choose is right for you?

In this article read about photoshoots in Japan, our recommendation for a Japanese photographer with the dream to eradicate the borders between Japanese and International residents, and an affordable professional photoshoot in April that’s just 5,500 yen!

photographer for photoshoot in japan

Credit: Yoshiya Iwakiri 

Having professional photographs in Japan can help you make new memories and capture them to look back on year after year. Taking professional photographs in Japan might not have ever crossed your mind. Maybe you are worried about the price, or maybe you can take professional-looking photos yourself on your iPhone. But a professional photographer can bring out and capture expressions and instances, capture moments you might never have seen in yourself before. They have a certain experienced eye that can help produce exactly the kind of photo you wanted, or maybe the photo you didn’t even know you needed!

There are lots of opportunities and reasons to take professional photos, are there any that come to mind? You can take wedding photos, family portraits, self-portraits, photos for work or hobby-related event, photos to welcome in a new member of the family, friendship group photos, pet photos and many more! The opportunities are endless.

The Japanese Photographer With an International Dream

I met up with Yoshiya Iwakiri, a photographer with the dream to remove borders between Japanese and non-Japanese residents through photography. He has a beautiful studio in Aichi and travels throughout Japan for photography shoots.

photographer for photoshoot in japan

Credit: Yoshiya Iwakiri 

Iwakiri started out as a graphic designer and then moved to a sales position for a wedding company where he became familiar with wedding photography. He decided to follow his dream to become a freelance photographer two years ago, and opened up his own studio this year!

The studio – Studio Sheiz in Aichi is a Bunkazai building – registered as a Cultural Property of Japan. He tells me he fell in love with the studio space, it’s such an interesting building, and that’s why he decided to open up a photography studio!

photographer for photoshoot in japan

Studio Sheiz Credit: Yoshiya Iwakiri 

When asked why he chose to focus on International residents in Japan, Iwakiri tells me he knows lots of International people in Aichi. They meet in school or at work and grow into their own community. Many of them want to take photos and capture a certain time in their life. Iwakiri provides a welcoming space for them to have photoshoots and uses the studio as a way to break boundaries between Japanese and non-Japanese residents in the area. He plans to continue to do the same work throughout Japan!

photographer for photoshoot in japan

Studio Sheiz Credit: Yoshiya Iwakiri 

Have you ever thought of having photographs taken in Japan?

We have a special Guidable event for you! Have a professional photoshoot for a fraction of the normal price!

Guidable Photoshoot Session Event!

Make some memories and grab some stunning photos in our special photoshoot event! Yoshiya Iwakiri will open up some subsidised photo shoots at his wonderful studio in Aichi! The price to join the event is only 5,500 yen, so much cheaper than a usual professional photoshoot that can cost up to 50,000 yen! Get your photos in data – around 30-50 photos!

The spots are limited – only 10 groups per day so don’t miss out and grab your spot! You can take portraits by yourself, family photos with your loved ones, couple photos, and fun photos with friends! Maybe there’s an event or occasion you are looking forward to that you would like to celebrate or remember in photos? If you have any questions let us know!

More details:

  • Photos by the talented Yoshiya Iwakiri from Studio Sheiz
  • Limited spaces available – first come first serve!
  • Sunday, April 17th 10:00-14:45 or your requested time
  • It will take place at Studio Sheiz  (1-10-3 Tokugawa, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan)
  • Payment is CASH only, please pay directly on the day
  • 5,500 yen (valued at 50,000 yen)

Register here:

What Do You Look For in a Photographer?

photographer for photoshoot in japan

Credit: Yoshiya Iwakiri 

Choosing a photographer can be an overwhelming process. It’s important to know if the photographer understands you and knows what you want to get out of the photoshoot. Yoshiya Iwakiri is passionate about his clients and is skilled at understanding the client’s dream!

Register here for the next shoot:

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