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Season in Strawberry – Taste Spring Specialty

By Guidable Writers Feb 17, 2017

Have Some Strawberries!

Spring is right around the corner, and it means it is the season in strawberry. This red and small fruit which is liked by from children to elderly people is not only cute appearance, but also has rich nutrients. It is usually available from January to May each year, and comes from several places nationwide. Therefore, you can taste it in several styles at restaurant, café, etc. as seasonal offering. These are some picks how to enjoy eating strawberries at restaurant, cake shop, your place, etc.


Strawberry Dish(1) Strawberry Parfait

The most typical seasonal offering would be strawberry parfait. Even it is served at family-style restaurant, café, etc., but one of the most famous one could be Shiseido Parlour’s Special Strawberry Parfait. The restaurant has special promotion named “Strawberry Fair”, and offers some varieties of dessert like parfait, ice cream soda, cake, etc. Though it serves its signature strawberry parfait as regular menu, “Special” is made by selected ingredients and has more flowery appearance. More info; (Japanese only). Its official site introduces only ginza location, but it is also available at other locations.

(Photo by Yuko)


Strawberry Dish(2) Strawberry Shortcake

The most popular dessert which is made by strawberry must be strawberry shortcake. “Short” cake means the cake whose expiration date is short. It can be also said that the representative cake in Japan, and you might be able to get this at cake shops overseas which is from Japan. Basically, it is available through the year. However, it is about time to taste shortcake because strawberry is spring fruit. It seems to be so simple, but ingredients varies by each cake shop or café.


Strawberry Jam at Home

Do you like strawberry jam? You might buy jam at grocers anytime, however, you can also make it by yourself. Even you usually need to use a pan to make jam, it is also okay to use microwave. If you cook something and some strawberries are left over, you may make jam by them. Here is the recipe;


A proper quantity of strawberries

40% weight of sugar

A little lemon juice

【How to cook】

  1. Wash strawberries by water, then remove calyx and split them.
  2. Put ①, sugar, and lemon juice into heat-resistant container, and warm up in the microwave (500W) for 5 minutes (don’t wrap it in cellophane). You should adjust heating time depend on wattage.
  3. Skim off the scum that rises to the surface of the cooking water, then crush ② a little and warm up in the microwave 5 more minutes.
  4. Occasionally warm up in the microwave once or twice more, and put into the jar sterilized by boiling. Then let it cool for minutes and refrigerate.

After you made jam, it should be eaten in 3 weeks.