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Tips for preventing heat illness

By Guidable Writers Jul 25, 2016

Summer has come! Have you experienced summer in Japan? For some people,  summer in Japan is too hot and humid. In Japan, many people suffer from heat illness. You might hear the news that people fall over and are rushed to the hospital every year. Sometimes heat illness can be a life-threatening disease. Here are tips to prevent you suffering from the heat illness.

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Firstly, it is important to drink water before you are thirsty and keep you hydrated during summer season. Do not wait until you feel thirsty! You have to get some water before you get depleted of sodium and water in your body. If you get dehydrated, you should also ingest sodium because you sweat out sodium as well. Moreover, when you get sweaty, the body loses not only sodium but also potassium. If Potassium in the cell decreases, the cells in your body gets dehydrated, which causes heat illness.

Drinking water and salt intake at the same time is the first thing to do. The following are beverages that help you when you get dehydrated.


– Oral rehydration salts with water (Keiko-hosui-eki)

This is regarded as oral rehydration solution which is supplemental water including certain amounts of sugar and salt to recover your dehydrated body. You can buy it in drugstores or pharmacy.


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– Salty Lychee

This lychee flavoured drink tastes like a sports drink. This is produced by KIRIN which is the one of famous beverage maker in Japan but its original idea is based on Thai homemade dessert. It also includes salt and sugar and is available in most supermarkets or vender machines, so you can ingest nutrients easily to retreat your body.


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Please note that alcohol and drinks that contains caffeine are dangerous while your body become dehydrated. Because alcohol needs water to be broken down in the body, you will get more dehydrated. Drinks that contains caffeine have also a diuretic effect, so it is not suitable for hydrating.

Meanwhile, Eating summer vegetables is also important to your body to keep in good health in summer because they have important nutrients that you should not miss out during summer season. Vegetables that can be harvested in summer are juicy, cools your body down. By eating summer vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, corns, okuras, bitter melons, or winter melons, you can keep your body temperature in the safe range and also keep your body hydrated. Beat heat illness by getting these beverages or summer vegetables!