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Tips for Using of the air conditioners and the electric fan/circulator

By Guidable Writers Jul 6, 2016

Because of very hot, it is hard to spend the summer in Japan.

So, strong ally of such summer, the effective use of air conditioning and electric fan/circulator, put together the point about the saving of electricity bill.



1.Tips for Using of the air conditioning

(1) Not frequently turn on and power off

Air conditioning will take most electric bill until reaching the internal temperature to the set temperature when start the operation. Be turned on and off frequently switch, it will consume rather a lot of electricity.

(2) Temperature regulation is diligently

If you keep the air conditioner to the left on, adjust the frequently temperature control. If it is changed set to 1 ℃ increase during cooling, it will also be in the power-saving. If you feel hot, you should strongly the air volume rather than temperature control, because it is less power consumption better to strengthen the air flow than setting low temperature. Most advisable air volume is “自動(automatic)” because of the most efficient operation.

(3) Wind direction is horizontal in combination

Turn horizontally air conditioning wind direction instead of under, because cold air is tend to accumulated in the bottom.


2. Tips for Using of the electric fan/circulator



Use an electric fan or circulator with air conditioning. A cold wind horizontally from air conditioning, that it came down to the bottom slowly, will be circulated toward the top by turning towards an electric fan or circulator to the ceiling. So, you can eliminate the temperature non-uniformity of the room effectively.


3. Outdoor unit



The outdoor unit sucks and blows around the outside air for a heat exchange. Therefore, lowering the temperature of surrounding, for example, make a shade around it, by sprinkling water and so on, has the effect of power saving. In case, the temperature is high around the outdoor unit, efficiency of heat exchange is reduced. If there is an obstacle near inlet-outlet port, it will be a waste of electricity because of weakened cooling effect. Please do not cover the outdoor unit. It consume rather a lot of electricity since the efficiency of intake and the exhaust gas will be falling.


4. Other Tips

(1) Filter cleaning

Let’s clean filter at least once in two weeks. If dust and dirt is clogged filter in the air conditioning, it weakens the cooling effect. As a result electricity will be up to 25% of the waste diction. Not only it will also be the cause of abnormal sound, water leakage, smell and house dust allergy.

(2) Air conditioning replacement

If you are using more than 10 years before of the air conditioning, it may be possible to save a large electricity bill by replacement. The newer is more excellent about the power-saving effect and effectiveness of cooling.