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What To-Do in Japan: Summer Heat Measures

By Guidable Writers Aug 14, 2016

~Japan’s Summer Makes You Tired~

Did you visit Japan in summer before you moved out? If you did, you might have known this hot and humid weather. It could be unbelievable for American and European people because even Hawaiian people are surprised at this weather and say they will never visit Japan in summer again. Japanese summer is much hotter and more humid than before. Not only heat stroke but also bunch of people are suffering from summer heat. If you get summer heat, you might not be able to sleep well, feel tired, or lose your appetite. It is also caused by staying at cool place or eat cool meal too much. It is surely easy to eat several cold noodles, however, you tend to have carbohydrates too much and lose nutritional balance. These are some tips to avoid summer heat.

<Need Some Exercises>

First of all, you need to do some exercises to sweat more. People adjust their temperature by sweating and it is good for summer heat measures. The recommended exercises are a little walking or running. Because you also have to pay attention to heat stroke, you should avoid exercises under the blazing sun. Early morning or evening could be better.


<Use Cooling Items While Sleeping>

You could not be able to sleep because of sweltering nights, hot night with the temperature staying above 25 degrees. People need to sleep well to remove their fatigue and keep their health. Hot nights tend to continue for days and several cooling items are sold these days. These are ice pillow, cold insulator, cooling mat, etc. which make you comfortable. Also you may use a/c or electric fan properly for your repose. However, you should set off-timer not to use them all night.


<Meal for Summer Heat Measures>

You also need to have a balanced diet to survive Japanese summer. Cold pork shabu-shabu (rei shabu) salad is good for summer heat measures because pork contains vitamin B1 which is useful for recovery from fatigue and easy to cook. The recipe is below.

– What you need to prepare

Serves: 4

600g pork, thinly sliced

1 pack (200g) cut vegetable

Moderate amount of katakuriko (starch)

Moderate amount of rei shabu dressing

– How to cook;

1. Cover pork with katakuriko, boil in lots of hot water, then put them into cold water.

2. Serve raw vegetable and pork on the plate, put rei shabu dressing on them.