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To Submit Change of Address Notification

By Guidable Writers Jul 21, 2016

Are You Ready to Move?

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Are you leaving your current place? If you live in Japan, you might be transferred to other city by your office, or you occasionally need to move near your school to be easier to go there. There are several things to do when you move out to other place in Japan. Especially it is important to submit change of address to post office and NHK. These are the application procedure method of them.


<For Postal Matter>
At the Window

Every post office has the change of address notice below at the window. You fill out an application, then submit at the window or post this (you don’t have to put stamps). You need to bring your passport and stamp when you submit at the post office. After the notification is accepted, the postal matter to you and your family members who live with you is transferred to your new place even though it is addressed to your former place. Because its valid period is one year and you are supposed to inform your new address to your friends, office/school, etc. before it will be expired, or you can extend the period one year after.


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<For Postal Matter>

The notification is also accepted through internet, which is called e-Moving. When you submit as e-moving, you are supposed to have your cell phone or smartphone because you have to call the confirm center The center needs to get your cell phone number to be completed. You can apply by both PC and cell phone/smartphone, however, if you apply via PC, your e-mail must be for PC when you input a foam. If you don’t have cell phone/smartphone or forget calling confirm center, you have to submit at the post office.

More info: (Japanese only).


<For NHK Receiving Fees>

Not only postal matter, you also need to notice NHK to change your receiving construction. Actually post office has two types of change of address notice foam; only for postal matter and for postal matter/NHK receiving fees. It means you can submit change of address both postal matter and NHK receiving fees at the same time when you visit post office. It is really convenience because they are both indispensable for people in Japan. Of course online application is available at NHK’s website and you may submit separately. You can also change your payment method at the same time when you renew your receiving contract.

More detail: (Japanese only)


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