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Top 3 Shopping Malls in Osaka

By Guidable Writers Apr 8, 2016

When I first moved to Japan there were only few shops in one building close to where I used to live. That building had one grocery shop, a bookshop, and a couple of clothes shops which didn’t offer the variety I was looking for, plus they were expensive for someone with a student budget.

So, every time I needed to go for shopping spree, I had to visit different shops that are far from each other, which was both time and money consuming. Additionally, some of these shops closed as early as 6:00 pm, making it even harder to complete buying what is on my shopping list in one day. Getting hungry while shopping and start searching for a nearby restaurant, that also was another problem.

Nevertheless, after living in Osaka for two years, and discovering Osaka’s ins and outs, here are the top three shopping destinations that will guarantee you a blissful shopping experience and a satisfied stomach all in one place:

Expo City


(Reference: Mitsuifudosan)

Located next to Expo’70 Commemorative Park, known also as Banpaku memorial park, is Japan’s largest complex and my number 1 recommendation. Expo City was opened at the end of November in 2015, and consists of nine entertainment sections. LaLaport Expo City is where all the shops are gathered, from popular cloths brands such as Zara, Uniqlo to imported products shops like Kaldi Coffee Farm, and even Daiso, Japan’s most popular 100 yen shops chain. With a dedicated food court, a number of famous coffee shops and a handful of restaurants, this shopping area has it all!

And if you are done with shopping, or shopping isn’t your cup of tea, you can still enjoy the various attractions Expo city offers including cinema, Pokémon gym, Nifrel aquarium and many more.

Address: 〒565-0826 Osaka Prefecture, Suita, Senri banpaku koen 2-1


Q’s Mall


(Reference: Wikimedia)

If you are living close to route 171, then you may want to pay Q’s mall Minoo a visit. This mall has a movie theater, Aeon for grocery shopping, a food court, and various shops such as Lush and Honeys.

My personal tip is to buy a cup of coffee, and sit down at the bridge connecting Q’s mall buildings to enjoy the view in quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

Address: 1-17-22 Nishijuku, Minoo, Osaka Prefecture 562-0034


HEP Five

Situated strategically near both Hankyu Umeda and JR Osaka stations, Hankyu Entertainment Park 5, or better known as HEP 5, is a major shopping mall and an entertainment center. You can buy clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and more from shops located at floors B1 till 6F. On 7F and parts of 5F and 6F, you can choose to dine or drink at variety of restaurants and coffee shops. And if you are a game lover, head to Sega Joypolis on 8F and 9F, an indoor amusement theme park with a variety of attractions, such as Sudoku horror walk and virtual water ride. But whether you love shopping, eating or gaming, don’t forget to take a ride at HEP Five’s rooftop Ferris wheel for a spectacular day or night view of Osaka.


(Reference: Hepfive)

Access: 〒530-0012 5-15 Kakudacho Kita-ku Osaka

Jihad Mahmoud