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Travel: Treasure House of Alpine Plant

By Guidable Writers Jul 29, 2016

What will you seek in Japan’s mountain nature?

There are hundreds of kinds of alpine plants in the mountain especially north area of Northern alps. The reason why is there is much snowfall in the winter on the mountains because of facing the Japan sea. Due to above reasons, you can observe variety kinds Alpine plants in the area especially during July and August.

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I introduce here one of the such place in the Northern alps.

Mt. Asahi-dake is located is boundary of Nigata prefecture and Toyama prefecture. The altitude around this area is around 2400 to 2600m, that means lower than south area of Northern alps, but the climate is compatible with that. As I mentioned above, this area has much snowfall, therefore, after the snow has melted, there is starting to bloom flowers, plants and so on.

You can marvelous landscape here.

If you go there by public transportation, recommendation plan is at least  2 nights 3 days the area.


[Getting Renge-Onsen]

The closest station to get Renge-Onsen is Hiraiwa station on the Itoigawa Line, which runs from Matsumoto to Itoigawa. You need to take a bus from this station. According to Website of Renge-Onsen, the bus runs from middle of July through to beginning of October. (Japanese)

The bus fare form Hiraiwa station is 1210 yen for one way and by taix is 10000 yen.


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Renge-Onsen has a bath with view of Yukikura-dake and 4 bathes at outside.

The Onsen fee is 800 yen including bathes at outside and business hour is from 10am to 4pm. You can also stay this lodge for 9500yen with 1 night two meals. However, you would like to start trekking early time next morning, you should choose with one night dinner that plan is 8400yen. Of course there is a tent site for 500 yen per night. (Japanese)


[Renge-Onsen to Asahi-dake]

It takes 8 hours to the peak of Mt. Asahi-dake at 2418m acending about elevation of 1000m from Renge Onsen. And it takes 40 minutes to the hut decending elevation of 300m from the peak. You can stay here with tent or hut. If you would like to stay hut, which limits the accommodation numbers of customers in up to 100 people. So, if you go on the weekends, it is better making reservations in advance. (Japanese)


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For the cost this hut, including dinner and breakfast is 9500yen, only dinner is 8500yen.If you stay with tent this field, the fee is 1000 yen per person. Even if you don’t stay the hut, you can eat dinner for 2200 yen, and breakfast is 1200 yen. It is worth to eat dinner this hut, the menu includes many kinds of dishes. But don’t forget to make reservations for dinner at the reception. (Japanese)