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VR in Japan – Where to Go to Experience VR

By Max Jul 10, 2018

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What is it?

Surely you’ve heard of it by now? VR? Virtual Reality? Yep? No?

Whether you’ve heard of it and are familiar with it by now or not, you sure will be in the future. I am sure everyone in Japan has heard of Virtual reality and has maybe even been to one of the many VR arcade’s around Tokyo. Virtual reality (VR) is taking the world by storm.

What is it? Well that’s actually quite hard to explain. I don’t really know myself. If I had to try and explain it, I would firstly say, wow its epic, secondly, I’d say that it’s technology which allows users to interact within a computer stimulated environment – both real and imagined. Go try it out for yourself!


According to many expert commentators, the impact VR has in the future will be massive; it’ll alter the way in which people communicate, creating a social impact as big as the internet and mobile communications. It is said that if someone enters a VR world every day for two weeks, they will have difficult differentiating virtual reality from actual reality. Is this a good thing or bad thing? I don’t know!


How does it work?

You put a VR headset on, which projects a whole other world onto your head. You have a 360 degree view, so when your head moves, as does the viewpoint. Whilst a compure is looking at a screen, Virtual reality is entering the screen!


Where are the best places to head to try out VR games in Tokyo?


  • VR Zone Shinjuku


This is the newest and also biggest VR facility in Japan! It has the most cutting edge VR technology, with games such as Mario Kart and Dragon Ball. It is just a short walk from Shinjuku station and costs 800 Yen to enter!



  • VR Park Shibuya

This is just a short walk from Shibuya station and is located on the top floor of the building. Although not as new or attractive as the VR Zone in Shinjuku. You can try just one amusement, or buy a 90 minute ticket and try out all of them, including many shooting games and also a virtual bungee jump!


  • The Sky Circus Sunshine 60

The Sky Circus Sunshine 60 is on the 60th floor of Sunshine City, Ikebukuro, which is a little different from the others, incorporating a unique concept of observation and technology. The three different types of VR attraction are the Tokyo Bullet Flight, Sky Escape and the Swing Coaster.


There are many other VR amusement arcades in Tokyo, but these are the three most acclaimed.


Why not try it out for yourself and see what the future holds for gaming, and also for society!