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Western Cafediner Texas Cowboy

By Guidable Writers Jul 9, 2016

Western Cafediner Texas Cowboy is the best burger restaurant I have ever had in Yamagata, Japan. This restaurant opened from 2013 and it is getting popular here in Yamagata. The burgers have tasty, thick and long bacon in it. The taste is amazing! There is a good selection of burgers. For example, you can eat Teriyaki burgers, Premium burgers, Texas king burgers and Salsa chicken burgers here. The meat is very juicy so it will be delicious whichever you chose. I had a Teriyaki burger when I visited there for the first time. And it was great! You can usually get burgers with French fries. Not only about the burgers, but you can eat homemade taste’s American food like BBQ, spareribs, steaks and macaroni and cheese! Also you can eat Mexican food like Nachos and tacos. Especially lunch time is great because you can have lunch here with only 500 yen! If you want to know lunch menu more, please check out this restaurant’s homepage or Facebook page. Furthermore, there are also good desert for you. You can have French toast, Parfait and so on.


At night, you can drink alcohol, for instance beer, whisky, cocktail, wine and so on. In other words, this restaurant is good not only for lunch but also for dinner. There are also special menu for kids. So you can have a good time by yourself and with your partner, friends and your family. There are only 2 workers in this restaurant, so it takes little time to get your order. It is good for you to visit here when you have enough time.


This restaurant is made like log house, so you can also enjoy southern American atmosphere here with good food. So if you have ever missed or wanted to experience real burgers and southern America, I highly recommend you visit here and taste them! You must be satisfied the great food in this restaurant!


-Detail information-


Phone number:023-600-7241

Adress:1-9-34 Enomata, Yamagata city, Yamagata, 990-0861, Japan

Closest station: Kita Yamagata station (This restaurant is 1351m away from this station. You should take a taxi from Kita Yamagata station if you do not have a car.)

Parking: There is a parking for only 1 car. There is a supermarket called Yamazawa near this restaurant, so you should park your car here.

Lunch time: 11am to 2:30pm (¥500~1,000)

Dinner time: 6pm to 11pm (¥2,000~3,000)

Credit card is available for Visa, Master card, American express and Diners

Closed: Thursday