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The Cheapest Areas to Live in Tokyo

By Devy Nov 19, 2021

It’s common knowledge that living around Tokyo costs a lot of money. Rent, utilities, transportation, and daily goods require more money than other cities in Japan. So where is the cheapest place to live?

Tokyo is indeed one of the most expensive cities in the world. It is also a business center which makes it costly to live in Tokyo.

But if you are thinking of moving to Tokyo or your housing contract is about to expire and you are looking to move wards, don’t worry, we have some great advice!

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The Cheapest Places to Live in Tokyo

In this article, I would like to suggest some of the cheapest places to live in Tokyo. It’s always hard to know where the best place is to live, and it definitely depends on your preferences, but here are four Tokyo areas I found after extensive research.

1. Nerima City (練馬区)

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With its large stations, you can move within Tokyo in no time!

Nerima City, located next to Ikebukuro, is the favourite of many for apartment hunting around Tokyo. From here you can directly reach the metropolitan center by foot or by train within 10 minutes. 

The cost of living here is relatively cheaper than in other wards in Tokyo. You can get an apartment-type 1LDK room for under 70,000 yen! If you have to commute every day to the other side of Tokyo then Nerima is a very efficient place!

Nerima has a lot of stations and train lines, so it’s super convenient. Ride the Tobu Tojo Line to Ikebukuro, the Fukutoshin Line to Yokohama, or the Seibu Line to any number of convenient stops. 

Narimasu Station and Nerima Station are two of the busiest stations in Nerima City. 

Before deciding the location of your home, it’s best to be aware of your priority. What is the most efficient location for you?

Everything you need in your neighborhood

Since Nerima City is located only a few minutes from the business center, it has a lot of shops and grocery stores. 

Nerima has a lot of 24 hours convenience stores and grocery stores to fulfill your needs so you can get everything you need, any hour of the day.

There are a lot of restaurant choices as well, as it is located next to the city center. 

2. Sugamo, Toshima

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Sugamo is an area located in the Toshima area of Tokyo, two stations away from Ikebukuro and about 20 minutes from Shibuya and Ueno. 

Sugamo is a stop on the famous Yamanote Line, which is linked directly to the central stations such as Shibuya, Shinjuku, Tokyo, and Ueno. 

Sugamo is a relatively cheap area to live in and is in an excellent location.

The rent is relatively cheaper in comparison to other parts Tokyo. You should be able to get a 2LDK apartment for 100,000 yen in a good location. 

Granny Harajuku

Sugamo is also home to the famous shopping street, Jizou-Dori. Fun fact, Jizou-Dori is known as “Granny Harajuku”. It’s like Harajuku but for an older demographic than the famous Takeshita-Dori. 

Again, as it is located right in the Yamanote Line, living in Sugamo will be the best answer for you if you are looking for somewhere central.

A definite cheaper cost, with easier access to everywhere you need. 

3. Suginami Ward

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Lots of convenient stations

Suginami is another ward located near Ikebukuro and Shinjuku. One of the busiest stations here is the Ogikubo station, linked with the JR Line and Tokyo Metro. 

Nakano station is also one of the big stations in Suginami Ward, and you can take the train directly to the Odaiba area from this station. 

It is a residential area of Tokyo and is located only a few minutes to reach the city center, such as Shibuya or Shinjuku, and it’s cheap to live too!

A Complete Package of Daily Needs

Suginami is famous for its residential area, but also has many grocery stores. 

People chose the Suginami area because it has many parks where you can enjoy a relaxing day in the midst of the bustle, a perfect short getaway from the city life. 

The price of renting an apartment here is around 120,000 yen for two bedrooms. Depending on your location and needs, you will still save a lot of money than renting an apartment in another part of Tokyo! 

4. Okachimachi, Taito City

Even though some places in Taito City are expensive, Okachimachi is a great option.

Okachimachi is also located on the Yamanote Line and is closer to Tokyo station and Shimbashi.

Okachimachi has become the choice of foreigners to live in because the area is relatively cheap. There are many restaurants of different country cuisine and it’s known as a Muslim-friendly area with the availability of several halal markets.

Okachimachi has some traditional markets, great to get cheap groceries, even cheaper than the supermarkets.

Rent is pretty cheap and you can find a 1LDK room for under 100,000 yen. 

Make the Decision to Live in the Cheapest Area around Tokyo

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Pexels, Donald Tong

As mentioned before, it is essential to know your what you are looking for before you decide your location, such as your workplace or university location.

If some of the suggestions above meet your needs, they there’s no time to loose!

Living in Tokyo at a lower cost is no longer a dream anymore! 

Devy Mufliha,


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