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Using free WiFi spot in Japan- convenience store

By Guidable Writers Jun 28, 2016



Have you think that there is few free WiFi spot in Japan? Yes, due to some circumstances, Japan has lagged behind a free WiFi service compared to other countries. But in recent years it has been an increasing number of shops offering free public wireless LAN service in the city.

This time, introducing the notes and procedures for using the WiFi service that can be used free of charge at a convenience store.




(1) Which Convenience stores can use Free WiFi?

These are 3stores, Lawson and Seven-Eleven and FamilyMart. If you thought not good at Japanese reading, Lawson’s is the most easy-to-use. The reason why that is the most simple and there is English commentary page for WIFI connection on the HP. Now, introducing in the order.


(2)Lawson Free WiFi


・Without using a special app, you can easily connect to the internet in your browser.

・Nationwide 9,000 stores more available.
・Can connect 5 times a day for 60 minutes at a time.

・Requiring the registration E-mail address and password.

First time only, you have to agree to the terms of use and enter your email address, valid for 1 year.


(3)7-Eleven (only Japanese) (application download page only Japanese)

・The Seven-Eleven offers a public wireless LAN service, the name is 7spot. It offers WiFi services not only for Seven-Eleven but also Seven & i group more than 15,000 stores in the whole country such as “Ito-Yokado,” “Denny’s”, “Sogo”, “Seibu”, “LoFt” “Akachanhonpo” and so on.

・Need Member registration in 7SPOT or Omni 7 member (free).

・Can connect 3 times a day, for 60 minutes at a time, but if you connected from 7Eleven official app to WiFi , you can use the time and an unlimited number.

・Requiring the pre-registration E-mail address, gender, year of birth and password.


(4) FamilyMart   (browser, only Japanese) (application only Japanese)

・Nationwide about 10,000 stores available.

・Can connect 3 times a day, for 20 minutes at a time, but if you connected from FamilyMart app to Wi-Fi , you can use 3 times a day, for 60 minutes at a time.

・ Maintenance time is not available (every Monday 1:00 to 5:00).

・Requiring the pre-registration E-mail address, password and gender.



(5) Japan connected-free Wi-Fi

Recommend app is for those who very cumbersome to each member registered for each Wi-Fi spot. Once you have a membership registration to this app, you can connect to Wi-Fi spot of partner companies.

It is for the traveler, but it covers the Wi-Fi of the many main stores.

Must connect after starting the app.

there are bad reviews that “App is heavy”, “Line is busy”, “Cannot connect”…, but might be worth a try because it is free.