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Be Aware! Unique Japanese date manners

By Guidable Writers Oct 26, 2017

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When you find someone who you are interested in, you will feel that you want to know that person more. If that person shares the same feeling, you two might decide to go somewhere on a date. It sounds great to go on a date, and you might get excited about it. But be aware of how you behave in a first date because the beginning of the relationship is easy to be broken and you will not be able to get it better afterward. Before you completely making the relationship messed, read this article to educate yourself to behave on a first date in Japan and be ready to get your Japanese lover!



For girls

1.Be focus on someone in front of you, not on your smartphone

I bet that you will feel nervous about a first date even if you are looking forward to seeing a boy who you like. You might not come up with any ideas what to talk about and end up looking through messages from your friends or family. Even if you are asking them what you should talk with your boyfriend through your smartphone, it is very impolite to stare at your smartphone every time you have a chance. Do not forget that you are dating and you come for it because you want to talk with that person. After chatting on your smartphone, your boyfriend will feel bored to stay with you.



2.Tie your hair when you have a meal


If you have a long hair, be cautious on how you make your hairstyle for a date. If you want to let it hang down, you should bring a band for tying your hair. Most of the boys do not feel comfortable to see your hair going inside of a plate for your meal when you are eating. Most of the people think that it is unsanitary to get hair inside of your meal. So be careful of your long hair of you have one. Your hair is very attractive, but not when you have a meal.



3.Do not take photos of what you eat too much

Many girls have a habit to take a photo of what to eat, what to drink, or everything happening in their life. It is fun to take photos of which you like. And you will think to share those photos with your friends or family after finishing the date. However, it is not proper to focus on taking photos too much on your first date. Your boyfriend will misunderstand that you are not interested in him. For a first date, your Japanese boyfriend wants to know about you more, but if he is shy to talk with you, or feels a bit hard to get communicate with because of the difference of culture, he cannot say anything getting your attention while you are taking photos. In the end, he feels boring to have a date with you, and will never ask on a date again.



4.Be careful of your manner for eating

When you go for a first date, you might think of going to some nice and fancy restaurant with your boyfriend. When you have a meal on the first date is the moment which your boyfriend will see how you have been disciplined through your life. If you have your bad manner, your boyfriend might feel not want to ask for a date because they want to have educated girlfriend. Especially, be careful for not making your plate dirty. As one of the Japanese eating etiquette, you should eat without leaving any food on a plate. Most of the Japanese people have been taught not to spoil food. For instance, people care about not remaining a rice grain in a rice bowl. If you go on a date to have Japanese food with your boyfriend, make sure to eat cleanly from a plate you have got.


For boys

1.Be aware that Japanese girls want to treat by ladies first custom.


Most of Japanese girls want to be treated as like a princess by men. They expect you to do ladies first. And they might observe if you treat her well on a first date. Japanese girls want to let men walking on the side of the car running to know that men are protecting them by a car accident if it happens. Or for example, if you open a door for a girl, she might get to like you more by that action. So it is very important for men to treat her as like a princess to get her attention on a first date. Remember that Japanese girls understand about that men are concerned about them through how men treat women.


2.Do not see her off just in front of her house

As mentioned above, boys have to care about how they treat girls in Japan, and you should treat her like your princess if you want to get her attention more. However, you do not have to see her off just in front of her house. You can take her in the area where she lives, but do not follow her to her house because she might feel uncomfortable to show you her place yet. So, on a first date, if she asks you to take her to the front of her house, you can go with her, however, if she does not mention anything about it, you can just say goodbye to the nearest station of her house or somewhere closing to her place.


So, there are some tips to succeed in your first date with Japanese people. You might not be able to understand why we do this from some of the topics which I mentioned above. All of these mentioned here has been built up by a Japanese custom. So if you want to go on a date with Japanese people, you will remember those tips. Enjoy your first date in Japan, and find someone who you can get along with them more!



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