5 Things to Be Careful About the Rainy Season

Jul 23, 2017

The rainy season has reached midway point. Are you used to it now? If you are from the area with dry climate, you might feel uncomfortable these days even it has been quite nice weather in June. However, there are some brilliant ideas to enjoy this period of time. On the other hand, you also need to prepare for natural disasters which risk can be easily increased. If you experience the rainy season for the first time, this article is for you! Even we tend to think the rainy season is annoying, but you could find the best way of how you spend this season. Use these ideas as reference, and why don’t you enjoy the rainy season in your own way? When the rainy season is over, these tips might be useful again in the end of summer when the weather becomes unsettled.




Enjoy Hydrangea Viewing

It might have already ended its best because it is July, but hydrangea is a kind of a flower as a symbol for the rainy season. Do you know its color varies by the plant? It is because of pH value of soil which it is planted, and the color varieties are pink, blue, and purple. There are many hydrangea gardens nationwide, and you can stop by there for hydrangea viewing. The gardens are often located in the temple, and entrance fee may be charged. Therefore, if you visit famous garden, you might wait for 1 hour to enter. The most famous place for hydrangea viewing would be Kamakura, Kanagawa Pref., but you may be able to find several places nearby your area. If you are interested in hydrangea viewing in Kamakura, check more detail at the official site of Kamakura City Tourist Association; www.kamakura-info.jp/topics/51772 (Japanese only).



Try Indoor Activities

Though it rains and can’t do outdoor activities, you can still enjoy within doors. The typical one may be reading books. Not only just doing it, you may also have some tea and sweets you like, and it would be a blissful time. Therefore, if you like handicraft like knitting, sewing, etc., it might make good progress. Or if you like cooking, it is the best chance to take your time to clean up your refrigerator. You may make preserved food, and prepare entrees which can keep frozen for busy weeknights. Moreover, if you like being particular about interior, you may also change interior for summer. For example, you may put blue stuff like fabric, towel, vase, etc. which indicates the season. In any case, when it rains for days, you should try several things which you usually postpone, and don’t think it is bad weather. By the way, though rainy season may be “bad” weather for you, it is kind of a welcome rain for people like farmers, etc. and you should say about weather carefully especially this period.



Pay Attention to the Weather Forecast

The point you should be careful the most in this period could be the weather forecast. Heavy rain in Kyushu must be still in your memory. Because of variable weather, you might not be able to stop worrying about drying laundry, going to school/office by bicycle, or bringing your umbrella etc. If you are using smartphone, you should check weather information acquisition application because you can know the hourly forecast. Therefore, you should check local news program, too. It is not only forecast, but also informs you UV, heatstroke, and washing index though the contents varies by station. Moreover, most of stations also shows you several parts in your prefecture, and it might be useful if you stop by these places on business, trip, etc. Even you don’t have a habit to provide with rain gear yet, you should take it everywhere as a kind of amulet.



Do You Live in A Old House?

New house/apartment can be clean and convenient, but rent tend to be relatively high. Because of low rent or other reasons, you might have chosen a old house. That is certainly it has different features from new house because you can experience nostalgic and traditional Japanese culture, however, if you live in old house, you might be annoyed with leaks especially heavy rain or typhoon hits the city you live. Or if the owner knows about it, he/she might have already advised you. The leaking is usually occurred from the ceiling, wall, rooftop (if your place is located on the top floor), veranda, etc. When you find it in your place, you should catch the raindrops by bucket as a emergency measure because it would be the easiest way. Though you might be able to repair it by yourself, you should ask the owner first, and he/she would make an arrangement for it.




Are You Afraid of Thunder Shower?

In Japan, thunder shower is kind of the symbol for the beginning and end of summer, and you might experience it especially in this period. You don’t have to be ashamed of yourself because many people are also afraid of thunderbolt, but there are some things to be careful of. When you can hear a clap of thunder, you should think about protecting yourself from thunderbolt. You could be safe if you are in the train, automobile cabin (except open car), and a building constructed with reinforced concrete, however, you should leave from electrical appliances if you are in a wooden building. If you are in the open air especially playground, golf course, the top of a hill, etc., you must take refuge to safer place. You might think under the tree would be safe, but it is not. When the tree struck by lightning, you have a risk of getting an electric shock because it likes high place. When you are at home or office, you should turn off electric appliances, and disconnect a plug from an outlet if it is possible as the easiest prepares for it.







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