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5 Variety Shops to Know Before Starting Your New Life in Japan

By Guidable Writers Aug 16, 2017

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When moving to a new place, you always have to worry about how to adapt comfortably to your new environment. Particularly when you leave your home country and try to adapt in a new culture, this becomes especially difficult. To start your new life in Japan without any difficulties, it’s a good idea to start by looking into where you can go for goods you use everyday. So here are 5 shops we recommend for everyday necessities.


1. 100 yen shops


100 yen shops, represented by famous brands like Daiso or Seria, are basically dollar stores. Sometimes there are some products sold at 300 yen or more, but usually most of the products you can see in the shop can be bought by 108 yen with tax. This type of cheap shop might already be common in your country, but once you step into the store and look around inside, you will be surprised by how much variety they have and how high the quality of their products is. You may expect to find stationary, utensils, ceramics, cosmetics, toiletries, toys, gadgets, garden goods, furniture, and much more. You might be able to finish all your shopping for the day in the 100 yen shop alone!

2. Don Quijote(ドン・キホーテ)


Don Quijote is a popular shop in which you can find virtually any kind of merchandise. You might hear that some people call it Donki as an abbreviated version of its real name while you stay in Japan. You can find branches all over the country, and it’s easy to find them because of the unique exterior of building. This flashy outside appearance with a huge penguin mascot will definitely leave a strong impression on people visiting for the first time.

Additionally, there is an original song playing inside of the shop, so once you visit the shop, you may have trouble getting it out of your head. The outside appearance is not the only unique feature of Don Quijote, but the widen product range, and affordable prices are worth noting as well. You will be hard pressed to find more affordable products at another store. Moreover, if you are a tourist, you will be able to purchase items tax-free. Most of the branches are open for 24 hours, so even if you miss some stuff the first trip inside, you can always go back to the shop whenever you need to.


3. 3 coins


This fashionable shop with a stylish green sign deals in daily necessities, and is particularly popular for the products targeting women. Most of the products which you can find in this shop are sold at 300 yen, excluding tax. This affordable price will help to decorate your new room without taking extreme expense. The designs of products are very colorful and invigorating. They also sell products with simple designs, so you can choose based on your mood. Many of the branches are located inside of shopping arcades, or inside of the big train or metro station, which allows you to conveniently access them during your busy day.


4. Mujirushiryohin (無印良品)

Recently this brand, Mujirushiryohin, has been very popular, even outside of Japan. This brand kicked off in 1980, and its long history proves how much their products have been loved by Japanese people. Their goods are all produced with very simple and plain designs, but these high-quality products can last long thanks to technology-intensive manufacturing. You might not be able to expect any deals cheaper than the shops introduced above, but you will certainly be satisfied with this brand’s trademark quality and durability.


5. Asoko


This new variety brand, ASOKO, will support you as you begin your new life with its artistic and unique items. Currently there are only three branches in the country. If you decide to live in Osaka, Kobe, or Tokyo and want to stand out from others, ASOKO will be the first place you ought to visit to find your necessities. Once you look around the shop, you might mistake it for an art gallery because of how they display their products. You will be thrilled by its popular product designs, and you’ll be able to start your new life with pizzazz . Besides, they often collaborate with other companies to offer products featuring popular designs and characters, such as the Minions, so you you’ll likely be able to find a number of your favorites that won’t be available elsewhere.


Decorating and personalizing your living space is the first step to feeling at home in your new environment. When you want to make a wonderful difference in your surroundings, try to visit these shops mentioned above. Let’s kick off your new days in Japan with your favorite goods!