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Broadband contract in Japan, Line business operator and Providers separately

By Guidable Writers Jul 1, 2016

Is there Internet fixed line in your residence? If not, you must feel the need for the Internet contract.

Recently, the contract of the Internet in Japan is nearly either optic fiber (broadband) or mobile WiFi.

Reference:The mobile WiFi router in Japan

If you need large capacity of sending performing a data, broadband might be good choice. It is faster and more stable than WiFi.



1. Line business operator and Providers

You need the agreements of both providers and line operators to connect to the Internet. Line operators is, as the name, the business operator provide a line. For example, such as NTT has provided an optical line or ADSL. Internet service provider is the “connection suppliers”, known as ISP. To connect to the Internet, it is necessary to pass through the provider. If without agreements, will not be able to connect to the Internet. Several hundred companies or more providers exist in Japan. So, explains the typical optical line in Japan, “FLET’S Hikari”.


2. FLET’S Hikari NTT

FLET’S Hikari NTT EAST (English)

FLET’S Hikari NTT WEST (English)

This company has the widest service area in Internet service, but if you had not lived in the corresponding area, you cannot use. So, please check you are in the service area or not. It is decided which receiving service is depends on your area. Because there is a line type by region (FLET’S Hikari Next, B FLET’S, etc). It requires construction to pull up the optical line to the home connecting to a device called “ONU” from the telephone pole, through the piping of the phone. It is pay construction.



 3. Providers

Investigated the typical provider handling operation companies, it were only 2 companies which can support in English.


(1)ASAHI net

Not only the provider, but also serves as a line business operator. So you can contract the line and the provider at a time. It takes a wide range of handling the communication field, such as mobile WiFi router, mobile phone SIM card and so on.



It is an Internet provider NO.1 share company.

Originally, it was the most recommended, but started to carry out the speed limit as mobile WiFi from June 2016.

Though not revealed the specific contents that take the speed limit for heavy user at the time of congestion, it may not recommend too much for people watching the video well.


In this way, the past, it was necessary to agreement with line operators and providers separately. NTT East and NTT West started to provide “FLET’S Hikari” to business operators to make the contract in one company whole the line and provider at same time from 2015.

As a result, the provider and mobile phone company have enabled the simultaneous contract of the line and the provider.

Next time, will explain “Hikari collabo(collaboration) ” that companies have begun putting the force.