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What do you want to do at Manga-Kissa? ~Manga café~

By Guidable Writers Aug 20, 2016

What is Manga-Kissa?

You may have heard “manga” which means Japanese comic books, and some of you may love to read manga. Some Japanese love to stay at Mannga-Kissa (Manga café) for several reasons. Manga-Kissa is said to be born in Nagoya, the third largest city in Japan. A café in Nagoya had plenty of Manga, and people used to stay there for many hours to read Manga with a single cup of coffee or a glass of juice. The manager decided to charge additionally to ask the customers to order another cup of coffee or a glass of juice when a certain amount of time has passed. It was the beginning of Manga Kissa, and the charge system is now time tariff system; you will be asked to pay a few hundred JPY per hour.

Nowadays, some Manga-Kissa is also called Internet café because of their expanding businesses.

Now, let us find the attractive points of Manga-Kissa by EXPLORING the inside.


At a reception

#1: You need to issue a members card with showing some ID such as drivers’ license card or insurance card issued in Japan, or passport.

#2: You will be asked to choose the room/booth type

#3: You will be asked to choose the hours of use; they usually offer reasonable plans such as 3 hours plan, daytime plan, or nighttime plan, etc… If you choose nighttime plan, you can save accommodation fee by staying there until next morning instead of staying a hotel; they open 24 hours all year.

#4: You will pay the total fee when you go out of the café.

What you can do

#1: You can read as many Manga books as you like by taking your favorite ones to your room/booth.

#2: You can help yourself for non-alcohol drinks (hot or cold) as much as you like for free. The vending machines are in the café.

#3: You can enjoy internet, watching DVDs, or playing video games if you choose a room/booth type for those in the procedure of #2 at a reception. You will not be charged additionally for those devices.

#4: You can enjoy staying there with your friends or family as well by doing some activities such as karaoke, billiards, or darts if you choose a family-room for a temporal stay; those activities will be done in other rooms.

#5: You can order some food for an additional fee from the interphone in your room/booth, and have one there.

#6: You can have a sleep.

#7: You can have a shower for an additional fee.


Be careful for…

#1: You may be annoyed by somebody’s snoring, so you had better put an ear plug when you have a sleep.

#2: Don’t leave your valuables in your room/booth when you are out of there; there will be no keys to be locked.

#3: Some rooms/booth might not be large enough for you to stretch your legs, so chair-booth might be better than mat-booth if you want to have a sleep.


Find your favorite Manga-Kissa

There are thousands of Manga-Kissa in Japan; you will easily find one everywhere especially in urban cities. The features also vary from shops to shops; some shops are suitable for using a nighttime plan while others are for a daytime plan. Some shops are proud of cleanliness of their rooms while others’ selling point is providing private rooms.   

Please refer to the following URLs for some shops, and find your favorite one!

– Jiyuu-Kuukann (自遊空間)  

http://jiqoo.jp/cont_en   (English site is available)

– CUSTOMA CAFÉ (カスタマカフェ)

http://rakutama.com/en/index.html (English site is available)

– Kaikatsu-Club (快活クラブ) 

http://www.kaikatsu.jp/  (Japanese site only)

– aprecio (アプレシオ)    

http://www.aprecio.co.jp/serviceguide/  (Japanese site only)

– GRAN CYBAR CAFÉ (グランサイバーカフェ)

http://www.bagus-99.com/internet_cafe/shops/ (Japanese site only)