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Broken Your Phone in Japan? Find Out How and Where You Can Repair It!

By Alex Gray Aug 14, 2020

Have you broken your phone but are still struggling to peer through the crack on your screen? Maybe you’re not sure where to repair it, or how to go about it. Is your phone sluggish, or does your battery deplete quickly? Finding a cheap, accessible place to fix your phone in Japan might be daunting, especially if you don’t know where to look. 

Help, I’ve broken my phone in Japan! How can I repair it? 

You’ve dropped your phone on the floor, and it’s landed face down. You feel a pit in your stomach, but are hopeful, maybe it didn’t break… You pick it up and see the crack right down the center of the screen. Now what? That pit in your stomach is back. 

Getting your mobile repaired in Japan might seem a little daunting. Do you go directly to the hardware maker or the service provider? If your warranty has expired, going to the hardware store is generally very expensive, but what are the other options? Many mobile phone repair shops in Japan give good deals on repairing your phone. The problem with these repair shops is knowing whether they are trustworthy, do they use good quality products? 

Where can I go to repair my device?

iCracked is a global smartphone and tablet repair service. It was founded in California’s Silicon Vallet in 2010. They have repaired over 1 million devices worldwide and more than 200,000 devices in Japan. Their supportive staff are repair professionals, trained in world-renowned ‘iTech’ service. Many of the shops have international staff, or faculty with overseas experience, and all stores commit to hospitality towards foreigners traveling and living in Japan. 

iCracked is a registered repairer for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. They repair a large number of iPhone models and as the only authorized Google service provider in Japan, are entrusted with the authorized repair of the Pixel series. They can repair the latest models Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL from the day they are released.

iCracked pride themselves in their excellent product quality. They can expertly repair cracked smartphone screens and replace run-down batteries. Not only that, but they can also explain how to use apps and functions and make settings on your behalf. 

The repairs take place right there in the shop, and are over before you know it! You can have your fixed phone in your hands within just 20-40 minutes, depending on the repair! 

There’s one thing that sets them apart from other repair shops – you can watch them repair your phone!

I went to the iCracked store in Fujisawa to take a closer look…

What’s great about iCracked Fujisawa? 

● You can watch them fix your phone in person!
● Repairs are very quick
The shops are comfortable and welcoming
The staff are iTech professionals
They use excellent quality parts
You don’t have to worry about loss of data
Great locations! Proximity to Enoshima, Kamakura and the Shonan area

Watch as your phone is repaired!

What’s really exciting is that at iCracked, you can watch your phone being repaired. The professional repair staff will fix your phone behind the clear screen right in front of your seat. You can watch what goes into the repair, take photos, and ask questions for a fun interactive experience! There’s no need to worry about what is going into your device, and you can see everything as it happens. If you don’t want to watch your phone being repaired, you can leave your phone with the staff to go shopping and come back to pick it up later!

Quick repairs

The expert staff will repair your device super quick! It usually takes 20-60 minutes for a repair. With repairs as fast as 20 minutes and an average of 40 minutes, you don’t need to wait long for your device to be ready.

Comfortable stores

The Fujisawa store is bright and welcoming; it’s somewhere you feel comfortable entering, a place you can relax while your device is being repaired. 

iTech pros

Expertly trained staff with iTech qualifications will be in charge of repairing your device. They can fix your phone with special techniques that are unique to the model.

High-quality products

The parts used in the store are of the highest quality. Depending on your budget, you can choose the absolute best quality or a slightly cheaper option. You can be assured that your new screen will last you a long time. 

No loss of data

iCracked services the devices in a way, so your essential data will not be lost. So you can have your phone repaired without worry!

Great location

The Fujisawa store is just a few minutes from the station and is in an excellent location for travelers sightseeing in Kamakura and Enoshima and beach-goers around the Shonan beach area. 

What is the repair process like?

The following is the process that happens after you enter the store:

①iCracked staff will check your device model
②The staff will explain your repair options and price differences. An English price list is available.
③You will fill in the application form on an iPad. If you like, you can save your details, so if you need to come back, the process is smoother next time. An English application form is available.
④The staff will get the preparations ready and repair your phone in front of you! Take pictures, find out what goes into your phone.
⑤The repairs are finished! Time for payment, and then you’re on your way. Simple.

Is iCracked foreigner friendly? 

Yes! The price list and application forms are available in English, so there’s no need to worry about the confusing small print in Japanese. The welcoming staff have experience communicating with international customers and can help support you! With various methods of payment and English support available, whether you live in Japan or are just visiting, iCracked can help you out. They even have some English posts on SNS!   


Where will you repair your phone if it gets broken in Japan?

Now next time your phone is cracked, your battery runs down, or you need some other technical support; you know where to go. Instead of despairing, it can be looked at as an opportunity to find out more about how your phone works. Why not leave your phone in the professional hands of the iCracked repair team? 

iCracked Store Shonan Fujisawa

1-3-1,Kugenumaishigami, Fujisawa-city, Kanagawa 251-0025
Opening Hours:
10:00~19:00 (Reception closes at 18:30)
Every 2nd Tuesday
Phone Number:
5 minutes by walk from JR Fujisawa station

Drop-in or use the reservation form below to book.

Do you have any experience in repairing your phone in Japan? We would love to hear about them! What do you look for in a repair service? Send us a message and let us know!