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Oct 16, 2020   PR  

Do you like beer? Or do you love beer? With Futarinomi beer subscription service, you can get beer delivered to your house twice every month. And this is not just any beer, Futarinomi specializes in craft beer, beer you can’t find anywhere outside of specialist beer vendors. If you think Japanese beer is weak and lacks flavor, don’t worry, there is a craft beer out there for you!

Futarinomi Is a Highly Customizable Beer Subscription Service

Futarinomi handles over 1,100 different types of beer from Japan and all over the world! You are sure to find your perfect beer match, maybe even a type of beer you never thought you would like. Subscribe to Futarinomi and get six carefully selected beers sent to your home every month. You will get two deliveries per month, each with six beers. Or use the skip function and adjust the delivery frequency to one delivery per month. Each time the beer is different, so that you can look forward to something new! Not only beer, but subscribers also get bonus goods included in the set to make your beer time even more fun.

Futarinomi handles over 1,100 different types of beer from Japan and all over the world!

The Futarinomi staff go to great lengths to research the best craft beer to put in their subscriptions. In Japan, they get their beer straight from the brewery and support small to medium-sized breweries. Many of the beers come fresh from production, newly brewed, and in the prime condition for drinking. They also sample and select high-quality beer and import it from overseas.

You may be wondering where the name “Futarinomi” came from. The name Futarinomi means to drink as a pair and conjures up the image of two people drinking. The name came with the idea the owner had to start Futarinomi; a means to create some special time to get together for a couple at the end of the week. A time to have a few beers while talking about the busy week you both just had. Now, Futarinomi isn’t just for couples and welcomes all beer lovers, friends, families, avid beer drinkers, occasional beer drinkers, and everyone to join their beer subscription.

Customization for the Perfect Delivery

Each month’s subscription is customized especially for you. Using different beer styles, they concoct the best combination of beer to complement and contrast the others. This way, you can never get bored with the same taste. After each arrival, you can give feedback on this month’s beer, and Futarinomi uses this data to customize your delivery for the next month. If you really loved a certain bottle, there is a keep function so you can get it again and again (up to three of the six slots).

Futarinomi Beer App, Collect them All!

It’s like Pokémon, but with beer. Tick off the beer you’ve tried and collect them all! Each time you try a new beer, you can log down your review and thoughts. This helps the staff plan your next round of customized beer too. You can get great recommendations for the beer you might like. Find out the back story and insider information about craft beers you love. The more beers you collect the more points you receive and you can level up to different stages! Have you always wondered what your favorite beer styles are? Do you have trouble remembering what you liked about the beer you drank recently? Having an app is really handy to keep all the information in one place.

A Truly Flexible Subscription Service

If you haven’t found the opportunity to drink this month’s beer and have some leftover (haha), you can make use of Futarinomi’s skip function. Skip the next month so there will be nothing delivered and you don’t have to pay! It is a useful option for if you go on a trip and won’t be home, or are only an occasional beer drinker. You can plan out the subscription as you want and not be locked into a strict subscription service.

Each month’s subscription is customized especially for you.

Supporting Breweries in Danger Due to COVID-19

Let’s protect Japanese craft beer! Since April, Breweries in tourist areas have seen a 90% loss in profit. As tourism and the food and drink industry has taken a hard hit with the spread of COVID-19, Futarinomi has set out to help breweries by putting their beer in the subscription service and assisting with PR.

Beer festivals are also struggling, so Futarinomi they have collaborated with certain beer festivals to bring the festivals to people who can enjoy them at home. You can participate in beer festivals from all over the country by purchasing beer festival sets from the online store.

What’s Next for Futarinomi

Do you drink beer with dinner or just snacks? Sometimes the accompaniment of beer with complimentary tsumami (snacks) is the best. Futarinomi is hoping to collaborate with snack producers soon to bring the perfect combination of beer and snack to your door. Please keep a lookout and be the first to try their beer x tsumami collaboration.

Try the Futarinomi Subscription for the Best Japanese Craft Beer

The great thing about a subscription service is the ability to try new things. Find your new favorite beer. You can try something you usually would never have bought yourself and find out you really like it.

Want more info? Find out prices, see special collaboration subscriptions, buy one-off beer deliveries!

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If you have yet to find a beer you really like in Japan, don’t worry, you can find a Japanese craft beer you love. You can find it through Futarinomi. What is your favorite Japanese craft beer? We would love to know in the comments!

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