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Try Beer Garden at Takao-san Beer Mount: Enjoy night view of million dollar with beers!

By Guidable Writers Jun 6, 2018

Have you ever been to Takao-mountain?

Takao Moutain is one of the most popular mountain in Japan. It is one fo the closest natural recreation area that is in Tokyo. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and temple. If you love hiking, I really recommend you to try. There are a lot of people going to climb. Apart from the scenery and hiking, you can also enjoy beer at the Takao-Beer Mount.


You can enjoy your dinner with the beautiful sight!

One of the most beautiful thing about Takao mountain is the outstanding view.

In the morning, you can watch the skyscrapers surrounded by the nature. You will be able to see Tokyo from a completely different perspective. Many people will enjoy the view during sunset. During summer season, you can see the Sun going down at 7:00 in the evening, which is very beautiful. At night, you can see all the skyscraper lighting up, and create a fantastic night view. By seeing the lights up from Tokyo, Saitama and Kanagawa prefecture, you will be able to enjoy ‘a night view of million dollar’

As you can see from the picture, you will be able to see the view from the seats. There are also seats that are located in the garden so that you will be surrounded by the trees and feel the nature.

Wide range of food and drinks that you can enjoy!

At lunch time and dinner time, you can gather with your family or your best friends and have a beer party at our terrace!

Even if you are not much of a beer lover, you are able to choose from wide range of different drinks such as cocktails, wine, whiskeys or soft drinks.

Let’s forget about everything and just eat and drink!


Menu at Takao Mount

At Takao-zan beer mount, you can try wide range of foods, such as..

Western (Italian) Cuisine

Hachioji ramen

Teppan-Yaki (cuisine cooked on a hot plate such as fried noodle)


Hachioji Vegetables

The restaurant is in Buffet-style, and the price setting are:

====2 hours course====
Male    3800JPY
Female   3600JPY
Senior(male) 3500JPY
Junior-high 2500JPY
Elementary 1500JPY
Infants   500JPY

Time extension(every 30 minutes after the 2-hour course)
week days  500JPY
week ends  1000JPY


As you can see from the menu and the pictures, there are a lot of different cuisines that you can choose. Our recommendation is Hachioji Ramen. Hachioji ramen has developed based on Hachioji’s unique culture. It is special from any other ramen in Japan. Therefore, if you want to try something new, Hachioji ramen is our recommandation!


Multinational staff will welcome you!

At many Japanese restaurants, the staff might not be able to talk in English and that can cause a lot of inconvenience. At the Takao Mountain Beer Mount, you will be Able to meet staff who can speak English and Chinese. If you go to their website, you can get a ‘QR translator’ that you can use for translate. It will make your life a lot easier!


Let’s enjoy the view of Takao-Mountain with the beautiful sight!

So I have talked about the Takao-san Beer Mount. If you go to the Takao mountain and try the beer garden, I think it will change your view towards Tokyo. If you are tired of living in the city, let’s go to Takao Mountain and feel the nature with a beer! This is a very good opportunity for you to explore a new place in Tokyo. If you are interested in feeling the nature, this beer garden is suitable for you. Remember that this fantastic beer garden is only available this summer. The period is from 6/18 to 10/15. You only have 4 months to go, so be careful not to miss it! This is really a good chance for you to enjoy new aspect of Japanese culture. and how can you make reservation? You can make reservation through phone call through 042-665-9943. There are staff who are able to talk to you in English, so don’t worry about the language.



Name: Takao-beer Mount

number of seats:800

price: 3300yen-3800yen (details below)

Place: Sennincho 4-10-22, Hachioji,Tokyo