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[Premium] The Foreign Experience at a Fast Food Restaurant in Japan

By Guidable Writers Apr 12, 2019

My experience as a part-timer in a fast food restaurant was a roller coaster ride. First, let’s go back to the very start.


Why Did I Choose to Work in a Fast Food Restaurant in Japan?

The main reason is, like many other foreign students in Japan, I wanted to make some money while studying in Japan. The other main reason is that I wanted to have as many new experiences as possible in Japan and practice my Japanese. Before coming to Japan, I told myself that I will try as many new things as I can if I had the opportunity. Working in a part-time job was not something that I actually thought about, but once I heard several of my friends having their own part-job, I was immediately interested. I knew that joining a part-time job would give me more experience, and also a chance to practice my Japanese.

The reason why I ended up in a fast food restaurant was that my friend worked there. I was lucky enough that I had a

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