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5 Japanese beaches you must visit during summer holdiday!

By Guidable Writers Aug 7, 2017

The summer holiday has came, and if you are still deciding where to go for your vacation, here are the five beaches that you may want to go. In this article, we are going to introduce 5 beaches that you may want to visit in your summer vacation.




1. Oarai Beach

Oarai Beach is the largest beach you can find in the Kan oto region, and it is one of the most renowned beach in Japan because f its size and scale! In tehe off season there is a small parking area near to the road, but when the sumer comes, the small parking area will become a 7000 space parking area. In order to get to the beach, you must need to cross this large parking area. The beach itself is also large, and in the summer season, you will see a lot of umbrellas and beach blankets all over the beach, making it looks like a tiny village!

The beach is covered with beautiful white sands, you can walk on the beach with your bear foots without fearing the stones. The waves are active but less vigorous than other beaches. There are a lot of changing rooms and showers for removing the sand. There are beach restaurants as well, but we advice you to buy some foods before going to the beach if you want to save your money, because the food in beach restaurants may be a little bit expensive. One special feature about this beach is that Oarai Beach is completely barrier free. Wheelchair and accessible and they even offer free rental of wheelchairs that can go into the Ocean!




2. Shirahama Beach

Shirahama beach is one of the most famous attractions when people visit Izu. In the Shirahama Beach, people are able to enjoy the sand and sun, while in an 800 meter long beach. The beach is located nearly600 kilometers east of Izukyu-Shimoda Station, and on the beach, you will be able to find a Shrine standing along the beach. The shrine is called Shinto Shrine, so you might want to go and have a look at it!

If you wonder if you are able to buy foods near the beach, you don’t need to be worry, because there are many shops and convenience stores slling foods aon the main road. You may also find shops that are renting beach gear. The showers are also available but you need to pay extra fee to use it. The official swimming season is from around mid of July to August, but you can start swimming from May, if the weather condition is good.



3. Enoshima Beach

Enoshima, which is located on the west side of Kamaukra, is atouristy island. Enoshima offers a variety of attractions; you will be able to enjoy visiting the shrine, park, observation tower and caves. You can also enjoy the view of mount fuji from the Island! Enoshima is divided into a yacht harbor nad a forested hill which can only be accessed on foot. The forested hill contains most of the sights. The enoshima Shrine is found around the island an dare dedicated to Benten, a popular goddess of good fortune and wealth. The local people believe that Benten has created Enoshima begore subduing a five headed dragon that have been terrorizing the area.

If you want to enjoy all the attractions in Enoshima, we advice you oto buy ththe Enopass, a combination tickets that includes admission to the silands’s main attraction, and use of the escalators for 1000yen. The enopass can be purchased at tourist information desks and the escalator desk ticket office.



4. Nishihama Beach

The Nishihama Beach is located in Okinawa, and it is located in the island called Hateruma. Hataruma is the southernmost inhabited island in the Okinawa chain. The Island is famous for its clean blue water, which is known as Hateruma Blue. Nishihama Beach is located in the northwest side of the island and this beach is the only beach on the island where you are allowed to swim. This Nishihama beach is said to be the most beautilful beach in Okinawa. The white sand are stretched endlresly, and the water is extremely clean. I bet you that you will not forget the color of the ocean. The combination of emerald green and cobalt blue will give you an unforgettable view. It is a perfect place for swimming and snorkeling becuae fo the shallow seashore. There are other attractions that you can enjoy in Nishihama. You are able to enjoy the observatory in Cape TAkanazaki that is situated at the southern tip of the island.


5. Yurigahama Beach

Yurigahama Beach is located 1.5km off the coast of Okaneku Beach. Yurigahama Beach is off the coast of Yoron Island, a small island with in Kagoshima Prefecture. You will be able to appreciate the water which is crystal clear, and you will be able to enjoy your time relaxing on the beach As the Yurigahama is known by the local people as the Phantasmal beach, it appears during the flow of the tide from spring to summer in a variety of shapes and locations. Therefore, the opening hours of the beach are affected by the tides. The Yoron Island which is the Yurigahama beach is located, it is about a 40 minutes flight from Okinawa airport or 70 minutes flight from Kagoshima airport. If you are looking for places to travel in Japan but you still have no idea of where you are planning to go, going to Yurigahama Beach is Kagoshima Prefecture is definitely one of your choice!


We have introduced you 5 beaches that you must go for your summer vacation. If you are interested in any one of the beach, leave a message and we are going to give you more detailed information. We hope you are all enjoying your summer, and it will be great if our information can make your summer vacation more interesting!