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3 Recommended Spots You Can Enjoy Halloween in Japan

By Aika Kaise Oct 1, 2018

Do you know the spots where you can enjoy Halloween in Japan?
Many Halloween events are held in Japan these days, so there are so many spots where you can enjoy festivities.
This article introduces 3 best spots to enjoy it in Japan.
Before introducing them, let’s see its history.



The History of Halloween

Halloween is the festival which has the origin in Celtic people.
It was started for the purpose of celebrating a harvest in autumn and warding off evil spirits.
Because the new year was on November 1st for Celtic people, they thought the spirits of the dead people come to see their families, and they thought the evil spirits also come together with them.
It is said the evil spirits took their children away from them, and they teased their farm animals and products. Therefore, they tried to surprise and scare them by wearing a mask or making a bonfire.
After that, Celtic people were attacked by Christian Catholic group, but this custom was not removed, and it was taken as one of the Christian customs.

In Christianity, November 1st is the anniversary day to celebrate all Christians called ‘All Hallow’s Day’, and the eve of October 31st is called ‘All Hallow’s Even’. The reason why the eve is called ‘Halloween’ is because of its ellipsis. Is is different recently, however, and it is treated as just one of the official events which does not have any religious meanings especially in America. In Japan, it was spread by Tokyo Disney Land’s event started in late 1990s. After that, it was spread all over Japan.


1. Tokyo Disney Land


Halloween event is held from the beginning of September to October 31st.
During this time, there are some days when you are able to wear a costume and enjoy it. Parades are held every day, and you are able to see Disney characters wearing Halloween costumes! Usually, it is held twice a day for about 45 minutes. Many buildings are also decorated as if there are ghosts.
In addition to that, you can enjoy attractions limited term only during Halloween event.
After enjoying them, you can get so many Halloween goods at shops, so you are able to get special souvenirs Halloween term only. I recommend you to visit there to see adorable Disney characters wearing Halloween costumes!


2. Universal Studios Japan



The main different points of Halloween events from Disney land is it is divided by age who can join it, and from 2018, there are 3 events divided by age limit. They are ‘screaming Halloween’, ‘adult Halloween’, and ‘horrible and cute Halloween’, and each event has each age limit.
‘Screaming Halloween’ is very horrible. So many zombies appear on the streets, and their appearances are so realistic. Usually, you cannot take children under elementary school there. There is a dance event of zombies as well, but you need to go through the zombie streets to see it. If you have enough courage to go there, you are able to see zombies are dancing, and it is said there are a world top level dancers among them.

Next, you are able to wear a dressed up Halloween costume on ‘Adult Halloween’, and you can enjoy beautiful and horrible Halloween. This is also usually children under elementary school can not go inside.

The final one, ‘horrible and cute Halloween’ is for children, and they can enjoy Halloween with Minions characters. It is so cute to see Minions are wearing Halloween costumes!
Not only Minions but other characters such as Elmo, Snoopy, and Hello Kitty are also there!

3.Nagashima Spa Land

The main Halloween event is ‘zombie island’, and more than 100 zombies such as pirate zombies, JK zombies, and army zombies are walking around. They start to appear from 17:30, and there is a dance event of zombies as well. It is very fun to see zombies are dancing! In addition to that, you are able to become a zombie with a specific make up by costing from 1000 to 2000 yen. Although it may be very horrible for children, there is no age limit. It might be nice to visit there with children if they are okay to see zombies. There is kids town as well, so children may be better to play there. The ‘zombie island’ is not held every day, so please confirm the schedule before going there.



Are you interested in Japanese Halloween now?
Although it does not have the original meanings of Halloween at all, and it does not have religious meanings as well, it is very fun to join in Halloween events. Although some events have an age limit, it is also very nice and fun to visit there with children! It is also very cute to see famous characters wearing Halloween costumes. You are able to get special souvenirs Halloween term only as well.
Why don’t you join them you can enjoy only Halloween season in Japan?

Aika Kaise / Japan