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Fall is the Season to Enjoy Cosmos in Japan

By Yae Nov 9, 2018


Do you know the flower called “cosmos”? Cosmos is a flower which reminds us of autumn. Many of you may first think about Halloween or Thanksgiving during autumn but cosmos flowers viewing is also popular in Japan.

This article will show you more about the cosmos and some popular spots that you can enjoy cosmos field near Tokyo area. This may be your very last chance to see cosmos in Japan this year!


1. Tell Me More About Cosmos Flowers



I would like to introduce the cosmos flower to you:

・ Cosmos flower season is from June through November. During this term, there are 3 stage flowering terms.

Summer time blooming= Cosmos blooming term from June to July.

Early time blooming= Cosmos blooming term in September.

Autumn time blooming= Cosmos blooming term from October to November.


・ We write Cosmos with the kanji “秋桜” and there are 2 specific meanings for each word.

秋= This means “autumn” and we call it “aki” in Japanese.

桜=This means “cherry blossom” and we call it “sakura” in Japanese.

If we put them together, cosmos means “autumn cherry-blossoms” in Japanese.

・Major colors of cosmos are mainly pink, white and red. If you’re lucky, you can also find yellow created by selective breeding.


2. What’s the Language of Flowers? 



The word cosmos came from the meaning “beautiful” in Greek. Cosmo recieved this name from its beautiful uniform petals neatly formed.

According to this, the language of flowers for cosmos are as follows:





If you go cosmos viewing, you’ll understand why this language is used. You are sure to be surrounded by such emotions.


3. 2 Best Spots for Cosmos Viewing near the Tokyo Area


Here are the 2 best spots you can cosmos flowers near the Tokyo area. During the autumn season, how about taking your phone or camera with you to take some photos?


1. Cosmos Festival at Showa Kinen Park



If you go to Showa Kinen Park, you can experience first hand the beauty of cosmos fields. This is the largest collection of cosmos flowers in Tokyo. They do have special free entrance days but unfortunately, they are usually in October so don’t forget next year to check it out in advance!  You may also be lucky enough to see rare yellow cosmos at this park.


Name of the spot: Showa Kinen Park

Address: 3173, Midori-cho, Tachikawa city, Tokyo, 190-0014

TEL: 042-528-1751

Access: (JR Oume Line) Nishitachikawa Station and walk about 2 minutes from the station.

Numbers of cosmos: About 5,500,000 cosmos flowers.

Entrance fee: Adults over 15 years old (450 yen)

※ If you want to know more, check the Showa Kinen Koen Park website.


2. Cosmos Festival at Kurihama



If you go to Kurihama, you can also enjoy the view of beautiful cosmos flowers. There is no free entrance so you can enjoy the view all day long.


Name of the spot: Kurihama Hana no Kuni

Address: 1, Shinmei-cho, Yokosuka city, Tokyo, 239-0832

TEL: 046-833-8282

Access: (JR Yokosuka Line) Kurihama Station, about 15 minutes from the station.

Numbers of cosmos: About 1,000,000 cosmos flowers.

Entrance fee: Always Free

※ For more information follow this link to the official page.



The cosmos season is nearly at an end this year so don’t take too much time planning your outing! The blossom period is slightly different every year so hopefully this year it’s not too late!