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What Is Silver Week and How to Enjoy that Holiday ?

By Guidable Writers Sep 11, 2017

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What is Silver week in Japan?

If you already came in Japan on March, you may heard “Golden week” that means Spring vacation at the end of April until March.

On the other hand, we Japanese call the holidays on September “Silver week”.

It is said that around 2008, Mitsubishi Electronic Building Techno Service Co., LTD called these holidays as Silver week. So, it can be said it is relatively new concept.

In general, Silver week is shorter than Golden week, therefore if you have no plan, you may spend your time by yourself.

This year’s Silver week is the 16th, 17th and 18th of September. It is only 3 days.

18th is our national holiday “Respect for the Aged Day” (Keiro no hi)


How to enjoy this short holidays and relax well?

Only 3 days, but until Christmas and New year season, we don’t have any other vacation. Therefore many people plan to do short trip.

What is the best choice to enjoy those 3 days?

I suggest you this plan.

If you want to relax well, the hot springs called “onsen” are a nice choice. Japan has a lot of nice hot spring spots, especially Oita’s Beppu onsen which is famous.

And Ginzan onsen in Yamagata is nice to take scenic pictures.

If you are lady, you have probably an interestfor skincare, beauty and so on. Ginzan onsen is nostalgic atmosphere, so you can enjoy nice scenery.

Of course you can take pictures and share on Instagram!

Trip for hot spring is little expensive but if you want to relax yourself, please check it on web site.

Please refer this site.( http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e7975.html)


You have not enough money to go to trip? How to enjoy at home !

If you have enough money to go to trip, you have to save money for next vacation season. Especially if you have plan to back to your country, you will not be able to use much money.

However, how can we enjoy Silver week even though there are enough money?

If you like movies, I recommend you to use Hulu.

Please refer this site. (https://www.happyon.jp)

On this site, you can see popular movies and dramas, in addition the trial is free.

After 2 weeks trial, you have to pay 933 JPY but if you start and finish trial during Silver week, you can enjoy without money! But please memorize that After 2 weeks later, you must pay fee.

If you have some friends who have no plan on Silver week, let’s invite your friends and enjoy movies with snacks.


You want spend time with international people during the Silver week and find new friends ?

Holidays are the best time to find some new friends. If you came to Japan to study Japanese language, culture, and so on, you want to make some Japanese friends right ?

Then, let’s check which party international people can join.

On this web site, you can find many parties and can check in detail the schedule.

This site is a recommended one. (http://english.gaitomo.com)

Such parties are run and helped by members and volunteer persons. Therefore if you have any inquiry, you can ask anything.

I already checked the schedule for the Silver week on that site, of course nice parties will be held!

In case of long holidays, people will go back to their countries to meet their families, but during short holidays everybody will stay in Japan, therefore spending time with international peoples is possible.

Do not be shy, let’s challenge to make friend with many peoples!


Master your hobby as a professional!

Do you have some hobby? For example, sports and handcrafts. If you want to master your hobby as professional, Silver week is best time.

Not so long but enough time to enjoy it !

For example, cooking, handcrafts, making plastic model, are suitable.

Workdays is busy even if you are student because you may have many task to do to submit by deadline.

You bought something related to your hobby, but you do not have enough time to enjoy it?

Then, let’s do your hobby till satisfied!

Recently, some person master their skills for hobby, and they sell something online shop.

For handcrafts, such sit and app is nice. Please refer this site. (https://minne.com)

If you want to earn some money through your hobby, let’s concentrate on your hobby especially handcrafts aspect.

The Silver week is a nice time to brash your skill up of hobby. If your hobby is cooking, how about party at your home? Your friend will be happy after eating excellent dishes!

How about this article? Do you get some useful information about Silver week? We hope that you already understand what is Silver week and how to enjoy this short holidays. Of course there are other plan to spend fruitful time, but these plans are available if you have enough budget except trip for hot spring.

Please check information and schedule that I introduce official web site on this article!

Thank you for reading and see you again.