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Beer Garden Selection: Beer Terrace in Marunouchi House 2017

By Guidable Writers Jul 28, 2017

You can drink selected beer with night view of Tokyo station in open terrace.


Beer Terrace in Marunouchi House 2017

(26 May~ 29 Sep)

It is about 2 minutes to walk from Tokyo station. You will see the conspicuous building faced the main street. This building, “the Shin-Marunouchi Building” has “Marunouchi House” on the roof. Marunouchi House is the composite facilities which has 9 restaurants and bars with DJ music. Marunouchi House has built based on the concept of “Guest house of the city”, and this time, it starts beer terrace for a limited time. Firstly, this article will explain charms of Marunouchi House.


5 charms of Marunouchi House

Cafe and late lunch

Marunouchi house has 9 attractive restaurants and bars. Also, they serve tea time and late lunch, so Marunouchi House is great place to spend your free time. Some restaurants have free wifi, you can do some works in this terrace. In Marunouchi House, anyone can enjoy staying here.

Drinking all night

Marunouchi House opens till 4:00 am. It is rare that you can enjoy drinking all night in such a urban area. You can enjoy high quality liquors with your friends, the partner and co-worker. Also,You can take first train after drinking from Tokyo station to go anywhere.


Any dishes in any place

You can eat some dishes of 9 restaurants in any place that you like. Marunouchi House has open terrace that you can see night view and stylish sofa seats. You can eat in these seats with 9 restaurants dishes. This is like a dream, you can eat sushi, soba, chinese food and selected sake in your seat at the same time.


Awesome Music

You can also enjoy music on Thursday and Friday. Unique DJs play various music like progressive house, deep house, and Techno…

Some people come to listen these music.

Reply Call

If you chose take-away dishes, you will receive the small receiving machine. This will ring if your dishes cooked. Therefore, you can enjoy eating made fresh dishes.



9 Restaurants and Bar

1. SO TIRED (Dinning)

2. SAWAMURA (Bread & European)

3. MUSMUS (Fusion cuisine)

4. HENRY GOOD SEVEN (Lounge Dinning)

5. GEN BAR (Bar)

6. RIGOLETTO WINE AND BAR (Spanish & Italian)

7. SOBAKICHI (Japanese)


9. JIYUGAOKA GRILL (European & Japanese)


Recommended Dishes

Pizza Diavola  ¥1,720


The pizza of green onion and spicy salami.

This green onion is from Kujo in Kyoto, you can enjoy one of Kyo-vegetable which is the brand of fresh vegetable. Also, you can share this to your partner. As you know, Pizza is compatible to beer!


Frying shrimps with garlic ¥1,200


Fried shelled shrimps with fried garlic and original spice. Garlic is well-known as great snacks for drinking beer.


Meat plate ¥1,944


A plate of 4 different types of sausage and 2 types of putty. These are German traditional plate, so it will match with German style beer!

Period: 26 May Fri ~ 29 Sep Fri

Time: 11:00~23:00 (Friday ~24:00)


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Beer Terrace in Marunouchi House 2017