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How Japanese people avoid summer heat

By Aika Kaise Sep 7, 2018

It is said about 40% of Japanese people have an experience of suffering from summer heat.
Women are said to be suffered much easier than men.
In addition to that, young people are tend to be suffered more easily than old people.
The reason is because old people are easy to avoid summer heat because usually they do not have a job, and they are able to choose their lifestyle by themselves.
On the contrary, young people are difficult to do that because they are forced to go to school or join in a club activity.
The main symptom of it is a decrease in appetite, feeling woozy, stomach upset, feeling sleepy during the daytime, and so on.
Because there are 4 seasons in Japan, avoiding summer heat is a very important issue for them.
There are some ways to avoid it, and this article introduces how Japanese people avoid summer heat.



1. Have Vegetables in Season

It is nice to try to have vegetables which are in season in summer.
Japanese people, especially women often have cucumber, tomato, bitter melon to avoid suffering from summer heat.
In addition to that, Japanese people often have dried and pickled plum which contains a lot of citric acid for keeping their health as well.


2. Drink Vinegar

Vinegar is also effective to get through suffering from summer heat.
It is because it contains a lot of citric acid which helps us to digest smoothly.
Because of the citric acid, the amount of saliva in our tongue gets increased, and it works for digesting.
In summer, there are various kinds of vinegar drinks sold in markets, and the sales volume of vinegar drinks is the highest in summer.
The number of vinegar drinks is getting increased every year, and now there are so many kinds, such as apple vinegar, pomegranate vinegar, and muscat vinegar.



3. Making Their Body Warm

You may feel strange, but especially Japanese women try to keep their body warm during summer.
The reason is because it is easy to get their body cooler by an air conditioner.
Usually wherever they go inside a building, an air conditioner is turned on in summer, so their body get cold even in summer, and it makes them tired.
It is also one of the main symptoms which are able to be seen in summer.
One of the reasons why women tend to get the symptom much easier than men is because they have few amount of muscle compared to men, and on the contrary they have more fats than men.
Therefore, if they once become sensitivity to the cold, it is difficult to recover their body.
To avoid it, they try to wear a long sleeve short, drink and eat hot one, and have ginger to make their body warm.
There are many items to avoid becoming sensitivity to the cold in summer as well, such as warm socks.
Not to drink and eat cold one is also very effective way, although people tend to prefer cold ones especially in a hot summer.


4. Eat Effective Foods

It is said garlic, eel, and yam are effective to avoid suffering from summer heat.
Many people try to have them during summer in Japan.
Because people often do not have an appetite in summer, trying these foods will be effective for them.
Among them, you need to be careful in case you eat garlic.
Although garlic is surely good for our health, the amount which we are able to have in a day is decided, and sometimes people get very serious symptoms because of eating garlics too much.
Garlic contains a lot of vitamin B, and it is very effective even if you just have one peace of it.


5. Drink Sports Drink

It Is effective to keep the amount of water in your body because sports drinks are made for the purpose of getting water and minerals into your body speedy.
Especially kids are very weak in case they get a loss of water in their body, so drinking sports drinks instead of water is one of the best way to avoid suffering from summer heat.
It is also effective for heatstroke as well.


In conclusion, there are many people who are suffered by summer heat in Japan, and women tend to get suffered much easier than men.
Young people are also get suffered easily because they have a difficulty to customize their lifestyle on their own because of school or club activity.
For those people, trying to get it over is a very important issue in summer.
There are several ways to avoid it, and finding the best way which is suitable for each person is needed.
By being careful of avoiding suffering from summer heat, you will be able to have a nice and happy time in summer, so how about trying these things in this article before getting suffered by the symptoms?

Aika Kaise / Japan