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Firework in summer night in Japan

Summer in Japan Series 1: Let’s Talk About Japanese Summertime

By Chanankarn Jun 2, 2022

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Talking about summer in Japan might not sound interesting to you at first because most people intend to come and experience the cool air in Japan during other seasons. You may rather play in the snow in winter, see cherry blossoms in spring, or take photos with red leaves in autumn?
And you might wonder what’s there to do in Japanese summertime?

What’s Interesting About Summer in Japan?

There are definitely lots of things to do! 

Visitors to Japan can travel every season, and there are also many enjoyable activities, but first, let’s get to know the Japanese summer better.

How Hot Is It in Summer in Japan?

I guess you would like to ask how hot summer is in Japan? 

In general, summer in Japan is between June and August. The temperature averages around 30 degrees Celsius, but there may be some days when the temperature can rise to 35 degrees Celsius. So, it is not too hot compared to other countries (but that depends on where you’re coming from!). 

If you stay in a tropical country, Japan’s summer may not interest you much, but for Japanese people, this is the season of festivities and various fascinating activities to enjoy!

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What to Wear

Although the temperatures during summer in Japan may be comparable to other countries, Japan is known for scorching heat that can cause heatstroke, so your dress code should be relaxed, comfy, and something that protects your skin from the sun.

Then, it may be a tank top, sleeveless top, or lightweight cooling T-shirt with shorts or comfy pants that are not too thick or a lovely pleated skirt.

Air conditioning is often blasted high in shops, restaurants and cafes so make are sure you bring a light jacket or cardigan to cover up.

Enjoyable Activities

After getting dressed, it’s time to go out and enjoy summer activities. The activities that Japanese people usually do in the summer are going to the beach, enjoying fireworks, flower field viewing, sipping coffee at a cafe, or shopping during the summer sale period from late June until August. At that time, many stores launch attractive promotions.

Try Special Dishes in the Summer

In summer, Japanese people look for refreshing foods, such as kakigori (かき氷 = shaved ice), zaru soba (ざるそば), rei shabu (‘冷しゃぶ’), and grilled eel with dip sauce (うなぎの蒲焼). Japanese people believe that eels can revitalize the exhausted body from hot weather. 

During this period, eel meals are very popular as Japanese people established days to eat eel (Doyo no Ushi no hi) in the calendar. Although the festival does not have a fixed date, it usually falls on 2 dates in late July and early August. In 2022, Eel-eating Day falls on July 23 and August 4. 

As for the popular fruit in summer, watermelon is a popular choice. It is refreshing and delicious but can be quite expensive.

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Taking Care of Yourself in the Summer

During the summer in Japan, there are frequent reports of deaths and hospitalizations due to heatstroke or 熱中症 (necchuushou). Therefore, to prevent the adverse effect, you should know how to take care of yourself in the summer.

Heatstroke is caused by the body getting hot, then the body adjusts by sending water or blood to the organs to maintain their functions. In contrast, the body will sweat less, and the temperature rises until unable to maintain the temperature to be in equilibrium and causing heatstroke. If the symptom is severe, it may become life-threatening. To prevent heatstroke symptoms, we recommend you to drink plenty of water, wear cooling clothes, avoid exposure to sunlight, and take enough rest.

The Next Summer in Japan Series Article

As you can see, summer in Japan has various activities to enjoy, which we will take you to know summer in Japan more with Japan’s summertime Series from Guidable throughout this summer.

Read the second part in the series, our summer festival guide here.

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