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Instagrammable hydrangeas Tamagawa

The Most Instagrammable Hydrangea Spots in and Around Tokyo

By Alex Gray Jun 9, 2021

Hydrangea flowers, or ajisai in Japanese, colour the parks and streets of Japan during the wet, soggy rainy season. In and around Tokyo they are at their peak around the start of June, now is the perfect time for ajisai viewing.

The Best Hydrangea Spots in and Around Tokyo

Hydrangeas can be found growing on the roadside and streets, but there are some beautiful gardens and parks you can’t miss! Here are some of our favourite picks.

Tamagawadai Park in Tamagawa

Instagrammable Hydrangeas Tamagawa

Tamagawadai Park is famous for both cherry blossoms and hydrangea and has an observation deck from which you can see Mount Fuji on a clear day. It also has a botanical garden, wildflower gardens, and a grassy park area. The hydrangeas are in the area closest to the station, just a one minute walk away, and line the stairs and slopes for an impressive multi-level photo opportunity. 

Takahata Fudo-son Temple in Hino City


Instagrammable Hydrangea Takahata-Fudo-son

Credits: Photo Ac

Takahata Fudo-son is home to over 7,500 hydrangeas of 200 varieties, so many different shapes and colours! You can take pictures of the hydrangea with a backdrop of the five-story pagoda, and go walking on the hiking trail behind the temple. There are 88 small Jizo statues around the grounds, inspired by the Shikoku Pilgrimage and its 88 pilgrimage stops. 

Hakusan Shrine and Park in Bunkyo Ward Hydrangea Festival

Another popular hydrangea place in Tokyo is Hakusan Shrine. While the festival is cancelled this year due to COVID-19, the hydrangeas are still there for viewing and you can still grab that special shot with hydrangeas and shrine. Walk from the shrine to the park on a hydrangea lined path and enjoy the view. The location of the site, with great access to Tokyo, makes this site a perfect choice for people within the city.

Hasedera Temple in Kamakura

Instagrammable Hydgrangeas Hasedera Kamakura

Credits: Canva

Hasedera is a beautiful sight-seeing spot, and famous for its hydrangeas during the rainy season. You can walk among the flowers and take the stairs to see an absolutely stunning view out over the Yuigahama and the sea. There is even a dedicated hydrangea walking trail that takes you through flower-covered paths and staircases and offers amazing vistas. You can get numbered tickets for the trail at the entrance of the temple, which helps keep overcrowding in check.

Meigetsuin Temple in Kita-Kamakura

Instagrammable hydrangeas, Meigetsuin Kamakura

Credits: Canva

Another Kamakura hydrangea spot is Meigetsuin. This temple is located in Kita Kamakura so can be reached by alighting at Kita Kamakura station or for seasoned walkers, you can hike all the way (although it is quite far!) Popular thanks to the stunning photoshoot opportunity available on the stairs, where the green forest background makes the blue hydrangea flowers pop. 

Find Your Favourite Hydgrangea Spot in and Around Tokyo

Credits: taken by the author

Whether you go hydrangea hunting in central Tokyo or a bit further field to Kamakura, there are many beautiful spots to catch these colourful flowers. As all seasonal flower spots, they are bound to get busy so we recommend getting there in the morning when there are generally fewer people. Hydrangea flowers thrive in the rain so why not get the perfect rainy day hydrangea pic? We would love to know your favourite spots, tag us on Instagram at @guidablejapan so we can see your photos and reshare them in our stories!

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