3 of the most popular snacks for Japanese people

Jul 18, 2016

Japanese food is known for healthy meals and people usually eat them. Meanwhile, people also like eating junk food and both adult and children enjoy having snacks. As you can see them in the supermarket, there are different kinds of snack products in Japan and various flavors for each snack has been released in the market. Every time the new flavor comes to market, some people buy them to try all the flavors of the snack that they like. Here are 5 long-seller snacks that Japanese people can’t help loving.

– Kaki no tane

“Kaki no tane” is a rice cracker shaped like persimmon seeds. “Kaki” means persimmon and “tane” means seeds in Japanese. People call it “Kaki-pea”. These rice crackers with salty peanuts are contained in the package and are coated with different kinds of seasonings such as chill, wasabi, and ume, which means Japanese dry plum. You can enjoy Japanese rice crackers with Japanese flavors. People like eating this snack not only for snack time but also for drinking. It tastes spicy and goes good with alcohol especially beer.

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– Jagariko

Jagariko is a cut of stick-shaped potato snacks. This is one of the most popular potato snacks made by “Calbee” which is the most famous potato crisps company in Japan.  As main flavours, there are three types of tastes, Salad, Cheese, and Butter. It also offers special flavored for each season or features regional specialities. As another way to enjoy this snack, you can also get “easy mashed potatoes” by pouring hot water and soaking them into it. It is worth trying. Give it a try when you cook stakes!

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– Baby Star Ramen

Ramen is very famous Japanese food. You might have experienced it. How about this Ramen noodle snack? This snack has been popular among Japanese people, especially for children. I think that most of primary school students eat this snack or bring it for a school picnic. This is also a nostalgic snack. Adults remember the good old days when they used to eat it. This crispy Ramen noodles seasoned by chicken and soy source, curry, or salty flavor red powder. Some people arrange existing recipes by using this snacks to cook such a Monjya-yaki, which is a local food in Tokyo and looks similar to “Okonomi-yaki”. You might think it should be soaked in hot water because it looks like “instant Ramen noodles”. However, it might not very tasty. It will be no longer a Ramen. Please try it if you want.


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