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Can I have a credit card issued in Japan?

By Guidable Writers Jul 8, 2016


Many foreigners might think that cannot make the credit card of Japan, but there is no such a thing. Can issue a credit card for foreigners in Japan. However, for foreigners, it seems issuance examination is a severe trend because risk is considered to be high from frequent past cases that a lot of foreigners had returned home country leaving repayment. This time, introduce the conditions necessary to issue a credit card and the card company which is said to loosen relatively examination.


1. Required condition for foreigners to make a credit card in Japan



It is as following approximate about the conditions necessary to apply for a credit card in Japan, although there are differences by the card company.

(1) Steady Income

Checking annual income, employment (full-time or temporary employees), work period and so on. In the case of students, need to confirm the information of the school, the residence, and the guardian of approval instead of income. Card companies will confirm to the affiliation, calling to place of employment and schools at the time of card examination.

(2) Stay period

The case less than 1 year residence years and many moving count at the moment, there is a tendency for examination of credit card becomes severe. If you stay in Japan, such as short-term students and exchange students has been determined to be less than one year, it is very difficult to get a credit card.
* It is said to not significantly affect to the screening criteria whether the presence of Japan’s permanent residence and Japanese partner (international marriage).

(3) Identity verification documents

Residence card 

Health insurance card, Driver’s license, Passport etc..

(4) Bank account of Japanese bank

(5) Telephone contacts in Japan

(6) Japanese ability

All procedural documents and various announcements and membership terms and application form are in Japanese. Therefore, you must have the ability to contract yourself speak read and write Japanese without an interpreter for example the spouse. Name to write in the application form is good in alphabetical notation. You do not need to use the phonetic equivalent of the Japanese.

(7) Personal seal

There is a culture to stump the seal on documents in Japan. It seems that can be replaced by a sign the seal section of the application form, by the card company. But it might be a good to make one for the future.


2. Credit Cards, have been said to be easier making card



In Japan, there are many many many….kinds of credit cards, but here are some will guide card, which is said to be relatively easy to make.

(1) Rakuten Card 

Probably the most to make easy credit card in Japan. Edy function also have been accompanying, can also be used as an IC card. 

Introducing IC cards, shopping-based 

The amount used was possible to charge to the shopping and Edy of the ” Rakuten ” to operate as Rakuten Super Point. There is also a “Rakuten Card Academy” for students. You can chose VISA or JCB. No annual fee forever.

(2) Mitsui-Sumitomo VISA Debut plus (For students only)

Card of Youth limit from the 18-year-old to 25-year-old. No annual fee only first years, depends on using second years later.

If, once you have fallen into the examination, the history is stored for 6 months. Therefore, rather than apply for other cards immediately, it is a good idea to again apply after more than half a year.