5 Fashion Staples for Japanese Women

Jun 30, 2017

5 Fashion Staples for Japanese Women



5 fashion staples for japanese women


When it comes to fashion, Japan is one of the famous trendsetter in Asia, specially those of the japanese women. Whether workwear, daily wear, or weekend fashion, they always have their unique way of styling, and leading the fashion trend. When it comes to fashion, they are always into detail, very good in balancing, mixing and matching colors and materials. Want to know some fashion staples for japanese women? Well, get ready because we are going to introduce you to  some of them.


Japan has four different seasons, and the importance of dressing up here has always been from comfortable light clothing, to stay cool in the hot summer, and fashionable layerings to keep the body warm in the cold autumn and winter.


5 Fashion Staples for Japanese Women


A dress over a skinny jeans or leggings is one of the popular style for japanese women. Tops using jackets, sweaters, vests, sleeves of various lengths, necklines of various widths over blouses, t-shirts, dresses worn with leggings, pants under skirts are really popular set of fashion to japanese women. Layering clothes allows them to mix and match a broad variety of different styles, and adds more accent to their outfit.


5 Fashion Staples for Japanese Women


Wearing skirts are also one of the popular fashion style by the japanese women. Skirts paired with black tights, heels and blouses are common workwear for them.


During the fall and winter, mini and maxi skirts are also worn. This skirt makes the the legs look longer and gives a slender and stylish look to emphasize the feminine aspect of a japanese woman.


5 Fashion Staples for Japanese Women


Wearing various styles of tights, and hosiery is also a signature of japanese women. Whether top it with shorts or dresses paired with flat shoes or heels they always stand out from the rest of the world because they have their own authentic style and slim body shape.


A combination of shorts or miniskirts layered with plain or printed leggings, or cute stockings are also an “IN” thing to them.


5 fashion staples for japanese women


Every japanese woman loves high heels, clogs shoes, flats, sandals, or preppy style shoes. Anything that best fits to their fashion dress is a “will do” to them. In addition to their footwear statements, they also love matching it with any printed or patterned socks.


5 fashion staples for japanese women

5 fashion staples for japanese women


Japanese women loves to accessorise to give more accent to their style of dressing up. Adding any accessories such as handbags, belts, jewelry, hairclips and earrings can be a perfect match.Make ups, nail arts, are also part of accessorising their fashion statements.  


Did you get impressed about how japanese women dress up? Well, you should be. Everyone knows that most of unique fashion statements and trends are came from Japan. Feel free to dress up like them. Enjoy!


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