Time to spare: Things to do at Haneda Airport when you have extra time (Part 1)

Nov 21, 2017

Tokyo International Airport, known to most as Haneda Airport, is a two-terminal airport located in the city of Tokyo. It was once the only airport in Tokyo until Narita opened in 1978. While Haneda had left most of Tokyo’s international flights to Narita Airport, in 2010 it opened an international terminal and is now a 24-hour flight facility serving many different countries.

As a busy hub for both international and domestic flights, Haneda has a lot to offer its visitors, no matter how much time you have to spend there. If you’re in a rush, here are a few places you can visit before you have to board your flight.

If you’re looking to spend a bit more time at Haneda Airport, check out the second part of our article where we explore some of the more time-consuming activities you can find nearby.


Edo Marketplace

Edo Marketplace is located on the 4th floor of the International Terminal and has an atmosphere of old Japan, with its shops built using traditional designs. You can shop at various stores for last minute souvenirs, as well as indulge in authentic Japanese food.

Website :http://www.hellojapan.asia/en/travel-guide/edo-market-place.html


Observation Deck

The observation decks at Haneda are impressive, with large open spaces where you can watch flights taking off and landing. Relax under the sun for a bit and enjoy some of the sweets you may have picked up for someone else (but can’t resist trying yourself). They are located on the 6th floor of Terminal 1 and on the 5th floor of Terminal 2.

Website : https://www.tokyo-airport-bldg.co.jp/en/service_facilities/view_deck/


Airport Shrine

Haven’t had enough of Japanese shrines yet? Then visit the Haneda Airport Shrine, which is located in a well-maintained room on the first floor of Terminal 1, where you can pray for a safe trip abroad. Everyone knows how hectic flying can be, so this is the perfect place to take a breath for a second and find your inner peace.

Website: https://www.tokyo-airport-bldg.co.jp/en/enjoy/recommended_place/others.html

Have a long layover instead? Then check out the second part of our article on Haneda Airport to explore some of the other activities you can find in and around Haneda Airport.


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