Time to spare: Things to do at Haneda Airport when you have extra time (Part 2)

Nov 22, 2017

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Welcome to the second part of our article about Haneda Airport! If you’re looking for the first part, head over here to check out some of the things you can do if you have a short layover at Haneda Airport.

As Haneda is a 24-hour airport, there is a possibility for long layovers between flights and even overnight stays. Haneda is located in the heart of Tokyo and is only a 30-minute train ride from Odaiba. This popular tourist destination features the famous rainbow bridge, as well as many shopping areas. Consider taking the trip if you have more than a few hours to spare.

If you don’t want to risk leaving the confines of the airport or its immediate vicinity, check out a few of the other spots below.


Discovery Museum

Want to learn a little bit about Japanese history while you wait for your flight? Check out the Discovery Museum at Haneda Airport, which is located on the 3rd floor of Terminal 2. The admission is free and you can enjoy the various displays and art.

Website: https://www.tokyo-airport-bldg.co.jp/en/service_facilities/other_service/museum.html


JAL factory sky museum tour

Although this particular tour is in Japanese, it’s definitely worth it for those who are fascinated by planes as you get to go inside a real hanger. The JAL Factory Sky Museum is located within the maintenance area of Haneda Airport, so you’ll have to get off at Shin-Seibijo Station. Reservations can be made on the JAL homepage, but you may need a Japanese speaker to assist you.



Starry Cafe Planetarium

Located near the airport’s observation deck, the Starry Cafe Planetarium in Haneda is worth a look, especially if you have time to spare on a show. Their programs feature constellations and original music, and you can enjoy a meal under the stars. It’s definitely a great place to relax while waiting for your next flight.

Website: http://www.haneda-airport.jp/inter/en/premises/tenant/5200100050750000/


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