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Tous les feux d’artifice que vous devez voir cet automne

Sep 15, 2017

Vous pensez que les feux d'artifice au Japon ne peuvent être vus qu'en été ? Dans l'affirmat... Read More...

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Hanabi: The kind of festival you can’t miss when in Japan

Hanabi: The Kind of Festival You Can’t Miss When in Japan

Jun 13, 2017

  How to experience your first Hanabi Festival Who doesn’t love fireworks? I guess everyb... Read More...

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Fireworks Events in August

Aug 5, 2016

Summer has just come, how do you spend it?  Some go to trip for enjoying with friend, some are strug... Read More...

Move To Japan, Outdoor Activities, Entertainment

Nagaoka Festival & Fireworks

Aug 4, 2016

Once "Tsuyu(梅雨) the rainy season in Japan finishes, people say summer starts.  Summer in Japan is ho... Read More...

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